Well well. Well, well well well…the veil is cracking open.

We don’t know the what’s about the case, but we do know that CSLB has accepted a stipulation from Mazor to settle a complaint with David Mazor, AKA Drobinski Mazor AKA David Krubinski, AKA David Leon Mazor.

Four specific complaints in fact. Click here to see them at cslb’s website. My opinion is in parenthesis ( )

  1. Departed from trade standards (Means they didn’t do it right!)
  2. Violated building law – no permit (Means they cheated because they knew their crap work wouldn’t pass)
  3. Exceeded down pymnt of $1000 or 10% whichever is least (Stole $ from the owner)
  4. Exceeded contract (Stole $ from the owner)

What we also know is that typically CSLB will accept a stipulation from a first time offender in exchange for the offenders “admission” of guilt/wrongdoing. Documents aren’t posted online for the public to read (probably a good thing eh Dave?). These violations also come with civil penalties that are assessed, ranging from $100 to $5,000 for each complaint, plus CSLB usually wants it’s investigative costs which can run into the thousands of dollars. We don’t know whether any and how much the penalties may have been.

In exchange, a complaint disclosure stays on the license for 5 years, after which if no further offenses have occurred, then it drops off.

But reading between the lines, these are serious issues that have been disclosed. And Mazor isn’t totally stupid with a lawyer wife behind him. So he must have known that WICR would seriously lose this case in order to stipulate and just have this disclosure up here.  Behind the scenes they probably agreed to also pay damages, or got their insurance company to pay…

Usually though they have to make the repairs, get the permits, make everything right and that could cost tens of thousands or more.

Here’s the funniest fucking thing of all, David Mazor drops an email on me 6 days before this was posted by CSLB, saying take down WICRLeaks.com because it’s slanderous and libelous or I’ll sue you and email all these people and tell them what you are and blah blah blah blah (It’s not) Well, scandalous maybe, is that what you meant Dave? So know here we are, with Dave fucking knowing that CSLB was burying his ass, that it was going to be public info, and he starts threatening me? Were you drinking that day Dave, all depressed and feeling bad for yourself because you’re such a victim?

If you are a consumer of WICR and believe you have been harmed, contact CSLB immediately and file a complaint.

If you are the person who filed the complaint that got WICR this citattion, we’d love to see your documents and keep the public fully informed.

If you a consumer considering hiring WICR reconsider carefully.

David mazor complaint disclosure cslb





Bedros v WICR

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Well while we are looking around at San Bernardino court fillings we found this one that was filed back in June.

We’re downloading documents on this and we’ll have then posted up shortly as well.

Keep threatening me Dave, I don’t give a shit. Everything I can find I will publish. Truth is my defense, lies are your mistake.

If it can be destroyed by the truth, it deserves to be destroyed by the truth.

Did a little searching and we found the documents from the suit online on San Bernardino county’s website. Civil case #CIVDS1912389

We’re downloading, reading and researching then now, watch for us to dump them here for WICR to see as well as their potential, former and current customers to see.

Do you feel ripped off or scammed by WICR? Did you pay more than 10% down on the contract you signed? Did you agree to a attribution clause that has been found to be unconscionable by CSLB?

Then file your complaint with CSLB today! Don’t wait, don’t be intimidated by their “lawyer”. You can beat them just like the Arceneaux are doing now.

Contact us for help today!

David Mazor early riser or   insomniac?

David Mazor early riser or insomniac?

Our good buddy Dave Krubinski aka David Mazor seems to be losing sleep these days…or maybe he just likes to read my emails at un-Godly hours of the morning. Maybe he’s jerking off to them? I don’t know but he sure has a strange fascination with this email chain.

Davey loves to accuse me of slander and libel, but can’t seem to provide an example or either…Davey loves to try to say his son Sean’s profiles at two hookup sites (LGBT and a straight site) were put there by me or my “cohorts” but can’t or won’t come up with any proof.

Davey hopes I’ve had my fun and fulfilled my fantasies…nope I haven’t yet…I will when the DIR, DA and CSLB come marching in though…

Davey loves to threaten people with lawsuits since he has a free lawyer, but won’t sue us because, ostensibly, they are expensive and he hates even wasting his time emailing me, never mind suing.

Davey loves to call me a coward but the fact is I don’t fit the definition, that being “a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition,pain, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person.”

I’m not timid or intimidated by Davey and his lawyer. I’ll go through danger, difficulty and pain to see this through and damn the torpedoes.

Davey likes to intimidate people who he thinks are inferior, but he’s realized he can’t intimidate me

Dave’s first email starts here…

August 5, 2014

“We have asked that you stop contacting us and stop harassing us, yet you have nothing better to do than to engage in disgusting pathetic behavior of sending repulsive emails to people you don’t know.  We have asked that you stop threatening each of us, yet you seem to get your jollies by demanding wesuccumb to your demands.  Your actions are not only harassment; they are vulgar in every sense of the word and you’re wrong if you think aligning yourself with Jose or Noels mother entitles you to post lies and slander me, Sean Noel or others for your own perverted satisfaction. 

Yes Bill we are all aware that you are trying to deflect the damage you caused by stating you have an IP addresses which proves your innocence.  You can suggest Sean posted the profile, but we know without question it is you and your cohorts. We know you want attention and the only way to get it is through posting lies and slander.  Nevertheless, we really don’t care what you claim to have, we know you did this and we know how sick the three of you are. 

You ask why I don’t sue you.   Come on Bill, you know the answer very well.  You are a destitute coward of a man. You have nothing to lose and suing you would be tantamount to suing a piece of dung.   Sure I would get lots of satisfaction from suing you, wasting your time and watching you spend your brother’s money in your defense; however satisfaction does not pay the bills.  Law suits are expensive and you are hardly worth my effort in writing this email.  The fact that you may subpoena documents is not a threat; as I will do the same to you.  I assure you, your brother will be just as sick of this case as I am before your first day in court, that is if he is willing to attach his personal and professional reputation to your abhorrent and disgusting actions?

Why you insist on harassing me, my wife, Sean, Noel, Fred, Mark, Ron and many others shows your complete contempt for any professionalism as an expert, as a contractor and as a human being!!!  In fact let me go so far as to say, your actions prove that you and your cohorts are psychotic stalkers who greatly need help. Therefore I urge you to spend your valuable time seeking professional help, rather than continuing these ridiculous attacks.  We know you are going to disagree, however ask yourself this question, why am I or for that matter anyone, so important to you that you have given up being a functioning part of society?    We don’t work with you, don’t interface with you and certainly try not to ever communicate with you.  You live in Central California and we live in Southern California, yet you seem to think by harassing us you are a champion and protector of those whom wish to interface with me or my associates?  How sick is this?

It is because of your constant attacks and disgusting behavior of posting false information on web sites and posting false profiles that will be the end of your professional career if there ever was such a thing, for each and everything you post and every email you send, is being used against you.

Bill, in all honesty, enough is enough.  You had your fun and I am hopeful that you have fulfilled your fantasies and have decided to grow up and act like an adult and the professional you so eagerly want to be.   Go back to doing whatever it was you did before you decided to harass me and all the others and try to have a decent life, not one filled with anger, despair and hatred. 

I replied-on August 5th

Hi  Dave,

It’s nice to hear from ya… Where’s your proof that I or “my cohorts” posted a false profile? Simply, you have no proof and don’t dare seek it because you and I know where that will lead. But if you want to double down on your accusation go ahead. I’ll just post all this up and let the public decide.
Lets face facts…unless you can prove otherwise, I can only assume that Sean posted the profile on Rainbowbackyard.com. Hey, maybe somebody else actually did that has a grudge against him. Now you can find out who it was…or simply don’t investigate and tacitly admit he did post it. 
You sued Scott Schmutzer for a whole lot of money for saying a whole lot less than what the posts at wicrleaks.com say, so who are you kidding? You threatened  to sue Jose over a whole lot less…please don’t make me laugh. You won’t sue because then everything opens up to scrutiny and that’s what you’re trying so desperately to avoid.
Your ego is getting the better of you…ala testifying against Jose in a recorded hearing…telling DeckTech’s client to hire your personal friend and business partner Mark Marsch to inspect Ron’s crappy job (hey how come DT’s bond is being cancelled in a couple weeks? To many complaints against the bond? Chortle They won’t get a new bond until their complaints are settled. Big lawsuits coming soon to a courtroom in SLO. Sorry to hear about your pets bad news)
 I’ve been accused of being brusque and abrasive and rough on people, but never have I been accused of being a coward. Cowards do things behind someone’s back. I’m standing right in front of you, daring you to hit me. Daring you to come up with the proof.Your damned if you do, damned if you don’t. 
 I think it’s your wife with the brains here, telling you that if she sues, it opens everything up. Like I said, checkmate. 
If you don’t like me contacting your associates, to bad. I am free to ask them questions and tell them things that you don’t like. They are the ones running and hiding after deleting their racist (Mark Marsch), drug oriented tweets @hazious aka Sean)…so sowing a little doubt in their minds is what appears to be happening. I can only guess that I’m to uncomfortably close to the truth for you. 
You wouldn’t believe how many people contact me to provide tips about you. Your list of enemies that you’ve accumulated in your quest to rule the world is long and impressive. As a side question, why does everyone who contacts me start out with similar adjectives to describe you? These are not complimentary adjectives either. Just wondering…
In closing I’ll again offer to remove any “false information” (and print a retraction) I have posted if you can simply provide conclusive proof to the contrary of what might be posted.
Krubinski spews back on August 5th

I have an incredible amount of proof and its mounting by the day!     (Where is it?)

Sean and Noel have done nothing to you and don’t know you, yet you seem to be very concerned with their life.  Why is this Bill?  (Because they are connected to you)

We’re not talking about Scott or Jose, were talking about your atrocious actions, postings,  libel, slander fraudulent behavior of me, my family associates and friends.  Sure you can try and say I am worse, but aren’t you the one who was just forced by the CSLB to shut down his waterproofing business for illegal contracting?   (No they didn’t, I inactivated my license)

Remember what you say in each of your emails and post may also end up on your clients desk top and those with whom you think are your friends.  Look around you Bill, notice people do not want to deal you.  They run and hide at your very presence which is exactly why you are destitute and looking for a new place to live.   If you were professional to any degree, you would look at your disgusting actions and ask the simple question, will my clients see my behavior as positive and will I benefit from this pathetic sick behavior.  I suspect if you were honest with yourself, you would realize the truth.  I know…. You’re not honest and you need the attention which is why you continue the attacks.  How pathetically sad.  

Ron deals with his own issues and jobs and it is none of my business how he operates his business.  That said, at least he has a successful business, where you don’t!  (He’s being sued by two clients for big dollars and we are searching for more victims of DeckTech Inc, wouldn’t call that successful) 

My ego is just fine, perhaps even more in check than yours.   For example, look at your attacks on me.  Doesn’t that say something to you?  It sure will in a court.  But then again you already know this, as you are a self-proclaimed expert who supposedly has testified in superior court cases, isn’t this correct?  Additionally you look like an absolute idiot to any respectful person who reads your comments.  Don’t believe me, ask people that are not your cohorts what they think of your attacks.  But make sure you also ask your potential clients as well as they are the ones who help you survive.  I’ll bet you none of them would be involved with you, which may be the reason you are broke and have so many tax liens and judgments.  

Bill, you are not brusque and you are not abrasive, your just a shallow pathetic shell of a man who needs attention and the only way you can find that attention is by being a coward and attacking successful people from afar or over the internet.    Your right about one thing, my wife has advised me not to sue just yet, and also realizes her efforts to  be futile in recovering from someone who has nothing and refuses to pay their judgments to past clients and liens.  Yes Bill you are a coward of a man.    (Davey Davey Davey, you so funny…your wife knows her efforts will be wasted because she’ll have to defend you against a SLAPP which you can’t win. Any day, any time, anywhere you want to sue me, have your process server call me at 805-801-2380  for easy service. 

I don’t care if you contact my associates, they do, which is why I asked that you stop contacting them.  Not one of them wants to be part of your game, unless of course you find a disgruntled person who has similar desires  and contracts without a license so that together you can both make false claims.   More importantly I don’t care who says things about me, it really does not bother me since none of it is true.   What does bother me, is that you seem to have an unhealthy attraction to me and my family and I am very concerned with your stalking as are the authorities.    

Your only uncomfortably close when you hit below the belt and think you are somehow entitled to hurt people for your own twisted fantasies…  You are truly a sick pathetic coward of a man. (Cowards hide behind shells, I’m right in the open calling you out. I’ll offer again, any day any time, anywhere you want to sue me, have your process server call me for easy service.)

Not sure what you are referring to about my pet, but they are all fine.  Thanks for the thought… 

Lastly ,as you say, in closing  my opinions are as follows: 

  1. You are is a thief and a liar. 
  2. You are a criminal caught by the CSLB for illegally contracting.   
  3. You posted false profiles of people you don’t know on sites that you visit just for your own twisted satisfaction. 
  4. You are worthless and penniless
  5. You are a person without morals and a conscious. 
  6. You are seriously mentally ill and need immediate professional help. 

Bill I truly do hope you get over whatever fascination you have with me and my family or friends and just ask that you stop the harassment as it has no real purpose.  

This is the last email you will receive from me and any further emails from you are being blocked. 

I replied again-

I look forward to you coming up with your incredible amount of proof that I or “my cohorts” posted the profile at rainbowbackyard.com. I heard through the grapevine that he admitted to posting the profile at Singlesbee.com.  

I inactivated my license, CSLB only suspends or revokes licenses. 
That’s hilarious you calling someone a liar. Your the one who has been caught lying under oath and making false statements aren’t you? 
Ron is your pet. His ex-employees talk too and tell me you have been a frequent visitor at their office. Two complaints at CSLB against him…more to come. 
Your wife realizes any suit filed will be declared a SLAPP and you can’t win on that. She’s probably also acutely aware of the Streisand Effect too…you have heard of that phenomenon right? 
 Anyone connected to you or your firm is fair game for investigating.

We heard from a San Diego area HOA who told us of their problems with WICR.

WICR entered a contract with this HOA for 6 figures. The contract/bid was done by Fred Wanke last year before he had left.

The contract (which was signed nearly 9 months ago) with the Association did not apparently have a start date (read CSLB’s requirements for contracts here) or finish date. WICR has apparently failed to start the job.

The Association wanted out and told WICR that. Now WICR has sicced their lawyer, Irina Mazor onto them and is demanding “damages”.

We’ve advised the HOA to contact an aggressive and knowledgeable construction attorney to assist them and to file a complaint with CSLB about the tactics being employed. We also suggested that the State Bar Association might be interested if any ethical or legal issues from Mrs. Mazor’s work appear to be in violation of state law.

With David Mazor now at the helm and his dog (attorney) doing his bidding, Associations should be very wary of WICR. Insist on using YOUR contract, drawn up by YOUR attorney, don’t sign theirs. It is not going to protect you very well and is written to favor WICR.

In fact, we recommend that you just don’t put WICR on your bid list at all and save yourself a hassle. There’s much better contractors out there.

We’ve ridiculed the Granite Deck System from Nevada Coatings Inc for years. Their system was a cobbled together joke that rapidly failed and with only two applicators, didn’t gain any traction in the market.

Now, a year plus after Decktech Inc of Grover Beach dropped the product, the website for NevadaCoatings.com is gone from the web.

WICR, owned by David Mazor/Krubinski, was the second applicators and they’ve never ever featured a job using the crap on their own website.

If you are a consumer with Granite Deck or any other product from Nevada Coatings Inc and are experiencing failures or difficulty in getting warranty work done, we advise you file a complaint with the California Attorney Generals office for fraud. All claims by the manufacturer were made by the manufacturer and we assert they were false and misleading, without any backing of proof from independent entities.

Mazor CEO of wanke

Well the secret is no more, David Mazor (Krubinski) has taken over the reins at WICR.

We don’t know what happened to Fred, but we do know he is now  listed under “Personnel No Longer Associated With License”. Retired? Forced Out? Who knows, who really cares…

The important thing to know as a consumer is that Mazor/Krubinski has a long proven history of lying under oath and we’ve heard from many an HOA/attorneys/home owners who’ve had to deal with Mazor and were left with little satisfaction.   Problems, excuses, threats of suing…

Our recommendation-stay away from WICR and find another contractor. The history of Mazor is well known and with his wife/attorney running the legal end, they play hardball.