Happy Thanksgiving WICR Tape Recordings afternoon drop

Start the holiday off right with these select portions of a 3 hour recording between current WICR employee Mario R and ex employee Jose O that took place a few years back…much of it is in Spanish and we have not and will not provide translation. The complete recording is available to agencies upon request.

Mario, remember, David can’t fire you because you know to much so you have him by the balls… You know that right? Use your power wisely and did what’s right for everyone.











WICR’s Lack of Self Awareness IS HILARIOUS

WICR maintains a blog connected to their website; who ever is writing it is demonstrating a hilarious complete lack of self awareness in their latest post titled “WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN CHOOSING DECKING COMPANIES“.

“Read reviews, licensing and recommendations. “

If we look at Yelp, I see reviews start or end with “I wish I read the reviews before I hired them”… if we look up David Mazor’s license by name search at CSLB, we see that David has a complaint disclosure on his license under “David Mazor” and a second seperate complaint disclosure on WICR’s license. https://cslb.ca.gov/OnlineServices/CheckLicenseII/PersonnelLicenseList.aspx?SeqNumber=619815&PersName=MAZOR,%20DAVID%20LEON

“You should know that communication between contractor and yourself is critical. So, it is important that he or she can get some sense of what you are expecting from him or her.”

Umm, I think it’s the contractors job to convey what the customer can expect of you…with an honest contract number one. (Read our page why you shouldn’t sign WICR’s contract here https://wicrleaks.com/deconstructing-wicr-waterproofings-contract-why-you-shouldnt-sign-it/

Changes must be documented. If there are agreed-upon or recorded changes on the project, you should take time to record them. Doing this will protect both you and the deck builder. The implications of such changes can either be aesthetic or financial in nature. Thus, you must always be able to discuss the decision you have made. It is not wise to find out one day that the small modification can mean a difference in cost.”

Hello McFly…you as the contractor must keep track of change orders, and put all of them in writing, signed, before proceeding, with the total cost or credit to the customer. Changes in work without a change order is unenforceable to bill for. But remember, you aren’t signing WICR’s contract or hiring them anyway right?

“Strive to be a good customer. Decision-making is important for any project. So, you must do so in a timely fashion. At the same time, never fail to make payments on time.The crew deserves your friendly approach and considerate behavior. If possible, provide some refreshments and offer a restroom for them to use. Overall, when looking for decking companies to build your deck, make sure that you do everything right. Look for the right person for the project, ask important questions, and communicate effectively.”

Well it took me 10 minutes to pick myself off the floor from nearly dying while laughing and spitting coffee out of my nose after reading that line…

So yes, strive to be a good customer, but don’t be a patsy and let WICR walk all over you if you’ve hired them. You don’t have to accept their change orders for work, you can hire another contractor to do framing or railings if WICR’s prices seem high.

You don’t need to provide refreshments or a bathroom. Hey WICR, it costs 90 a month to rent a Porta Potty. Why do customers need to have your people in their home? Dusty, dirty from working….umm Nooooo!

Strive to be a good contractor WICR and this website won’t have much reason to exist would it?

Irina Mazor of the law firm Lindborg & Mazor llp has been accused of being uncredible, making slanderous statements & tampering with witnesses in the past…

If you are opposing counsel of Lindborg and Mazor LLP, we are glad you found us and hope we are helpful in your cause. You can find all the filings screen shot below under David Mazor-Krubinski v Parex LaHabra in Orange County CA Superior Court online system. I have many filings and am happy to share whole filings with you if you would like a copy.

Opposing counsel in law suits are of course, your opponents. They are representing the party that you are suing or being sued by. Yet there are codes of conduct, both written and unwritten. between counsel. You address one another formally, respectfully, even if you hate that person…it’s beneath most attorneys to get dirty. You work hard for your client, represent them appropriately, carry out your duty as their agent with civility and adhering to the code of ethics you swore to uphold when you became an attorney.

For instance, you don’t appear at Parex offices unannounced with your client and unfilled lawsuits in hand threatening to file them and demanding “blood” , apparently, according to a court filing (see below) demanding an immediate payoff. That’s called intimidation Peter Lindborg and Irina Mazor…and the word Grifters again floats to the top of my mind.

What you don’t do, without a shred of evidence, is accuse opposing counsel of knowing about or orchestrating a “burglary” of your clients office or the office of a “3rd party witness” or allude that your clients mailbox was “rifled” after their deposition where they said they received business mail.

Opposing counsel of Lindborg & Drill don’t expect letters from you Irina, basically saying without saying it, that a highly reputable firm with credentials and reputation that is so far above yours, caused robberies to be done, supposedly only stealing documents critical to the case. It all stinks.

We have a near 3 hour long tape of Mario Ramirez discussing WICR… Here we are dropping another sampling down on ya. you can listen at this link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZoFChXPV5-HMgB__ut-L-UNRrsGFMEGu/view?usp=sharing It will open on a new page. There’s a lot that Mario drops on this tape and a copy has been provided to CSLB for that complaint I filed against you…Mario talks a lot btw.

As to you Peter Lindborg; is Irina the type of attorney you want to be associated with? I asked several attorneys I know if they ever have seen such a letter of reprimand from opposing counsel or motions like these below filed in court. Never was their unanimous answer.

If you saw that from someone in your firm what would happen I asked? They would be terminated…again unanimous. I am not a lawyer, but it appears Peter may be in breach of Rule 1.7 C1 on any matters pertaining to WICR, David Mazor, Mark Marsch etc.

Irina may have issues of her own…at any rate the American Bar Association has this to say about misconduct- “Misconduct by a lawyer whenever it occurs reflects upon the lawyer’s fitness.” We agree.

And so everyone clearly understands; Peter Lindborg represents WICR on most matters these days, and will not tell you that his partner Irina Mazor is married to WICR Waterproofing’s owner David Mazor. If you are considering litigation against WICR then carefully read the documents under Mazor-Krubinski vs Parex LaHabra. Their game is to stretch things out for years and cost you a lot of money. Don’t play their game.

Instead of that, in many cases, if you are having problems with WICR, your easiest resolution will come about by filing a complaint against them with the CSLB and letting them handle the investigation. WICR already has a letter of admonishment on their Complaint Disclosure at their license listing. More complaints will trigger closer examination of complaints.

Let WICR’s attorneys fight the State Attorney General’s office as they represent CSLB in any legal matters. Make sure you claim all costs for the original work, costs of investigation/attorney, costs to repair. Inquire with your counsel on those matters. Meantime, take a look at the legal filings and letters that were filed in the case. As a honorable, ethical professional, you’ll be horrified as I am. I can’t believe opposing counsel didn’t file a complaint with the State Bar over this.

When your opposing counsel says you have no credibility…

Seriously Irina? Have you no shame?
When did you actually have the nerve to write such a letter as this? Did you know about the robbery ahead of time Irina? Inquiring minds want to know.
When a filing has to say they think you are witness tampering as opposing counsel…you might rethink your morals and ethics
Did David Mazor AKA David Krubinski commit perjury or robbery or both? I guess both….

Dear Dave, Peter and Irina, I’ll bet you all thought it a great joke to send that letter to my employer didn’t you? True to form you use extortion disguised as threat to bring a lawsuit if you aren’t paid 500K for “damages” to WICR? Well guess what? It might be if you all didn’t have issues that need unearthing and I can cost you a whole lot more than you can cost me. I have emails from David saying this website actually brings him business but your letter says it’s hurting WICR. Which is it? You can’t have both. But your firm and the client you represent have made a Faustian bargain…and sitting in that courtroom in San Bernardino across from you and David, I could see it written on your face.

You and Irina tried to extort Parex La-Habra and that folded like a wet paper bag on you…smarter lawyers than you destroyed David in the first round of his deposition and there was no way you could put him in the chair again…Parex’ lawyers smelled blood in the water.

Did you or Irina know about this robbery at WICR and David’s office? It seems way to coincidental doesn’t it? And then Irina actually has the gall to accuse the opposing side of the crime? We heard that Mario stored boxes containing Mer-Kote information at his house and later on moved them to Palm Springs. What we don’t know is who organized the crime and was there a conspiracy to commit the crime and make a false police report? Who would be involved with such a conspiracy if it existed? Who would have innocent people become involved in the crime if it existed?

When opposing counsel and prospective clients see this information what might that cost be when clients evaporate Peter? Opposing counsel is going to embarrass you, maybe seek to get you taken off a huge case, perform deeper investigations on your client and you, use these documents against you. You all know that game dontcha? I’m guessing you will lose half a million in income in 2021. Maybe more who knows. I think I’ll also send it to the ABA for their perusal.

Lesson to you 3-there are always unintended consequences to your actions. Hit me, I hit back harder. Cheers! Have fun explaining away all this to everyone who asks…

CSLB Takes Disciplinary Action Against WICR Waterproofing

A letter of admonishment has been issued to WICR Waterproofing and Construction by the CSLB for taking an illegal deposit over $1000 from a consumer.

Senate Bill (SB) 486 permits CSLB to issue a letter of admonishment to applicants, licensees, or registrants as an intermediate form of discipline between an advisory notice and a citation. Those who receive a letter can either comply with its terms or contest it in writing. This bill modified Business and Professions Codes (BPC) 7099.2 and 7124.6

We are seeking a copy of this letter so if you are there consumer who complained and would like to send us it please do…

Smart consumers will always check the license first at http://www.cslb.ca.gov and find contractors without complaint disclosure listed on their license.

CSLB Moves Our Complaint to Investigations

Recently we noticed that there was something weird about WICR’s corporate filings; they had 2 different listings that raised my suspicions.

I found a fictitious business statement filed years ago by Fred wenke and David krubinski registering WICR as a general partnership. But I also heard Steve Dolan on a podcast discussing that he was made an owner along with seeing a filing with Sean krubinski and Fred wanke filing a general partnership agreement and all this raised my suspicions…

So I gathered up all the evidence that I had including emails that David sent to WICR employees from his ICR account and directing business.

Steve Dolan potentially gave a deposition on a podcast without even realizing it… So they made me an owner. Well new owners require the company get a new license… As far as we know according to CSLB.

Also very helpful was the information from the Parex lawsuit that he filed. in there was a statement that said that David had been receiving a consulting fee from Fred since 1997 every month… Lots of stuff to raise suspicions with.

So I compiled all that stuff and sent my package to CSLB with my concerns and now I got a message today that they are sending it to an investigative unit in San Bernardino.

Hi Bill, this is Anita at the contractors board. I’m calling you about the complaint you filed against wicr waterproofing & Construction Inc. I wanted to let you know that this file will be moved on to one of our investigative units. It’s not something that we would look into at my level, which is mediation. So I’m moving the file forward to that investigative unit and I believe it’s going to be in San Bernardino. So you’ll need to wait and be contacted by someone there. They should be sending a letter to both you and wicr. They get this case assigned to one of our investigators there. So watch for further correspondence, and that’s the disposition of the file. You submitted To the intake mediation unit. All right. Thank you my call back number if you have any questions is 916-xxx-xxxx. Please press your case number when leaving a message. Thank you.

David was getting this same phone call so today is a little darker for him and a little brighter for me.

Payback is a bitch Dave, Tick tock. CSLB is coming…

Exposing WICR Waterproofing & Constructions Business Practices