Open Letter to Gaffney Group Asks Them to Investigate A Members Suspicions of Fraud by David Krubinski received a copy of an open letter to Mesquite HOA manager Bobbie Gaffney from a member of the Association. The open letter places the Gaffney Group into a position of having to answer questions about possible collusion between several parties related to David Krubinski before, during and after he was President of Mesquite Country Club. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were allegedly paid to companies with connections to Krubinski. Among those companies are Diligence Consulting (owned by Mark Marsch), Paradigm Construction Services (Mark Marsch was either employed by them or subcontracted) Perrine Group (co-owner Fred Wanke III of WICR) Signature Builders (owned by Ron Perrine) and of course WICR, Inc, owned by Fred Wanke officially and Krubinski being an alleged secret owner with plenty of paperwork to bolster that allegation.

Here below is a copy of the email.


Subject: Open letter to Bobbie Gaffney
Dear Bobbie,
The statute of limitations for fraud begins at the date of discovery, so there’s plenty of time to go after Mesquite’s money.  You don’t have to go far, they are in B 106, not too far from B 202, is it?
As Acting President of the Board, I culled through HOA records for months unwinding the labyrinth of contracts for decks and roofs and Reserve Studies you and Krubinski constructed and approved.
At the end of the $332,000.00 contract to Krubinski’s partners at Paradigm for roof work (that you began without permits), you revealed to us that Paradigm had “sub-contracted “ the work to Diaz roofing but there was no contract with Diaz, so you could not go after anybody for warranty repairs for the leaks and shoddy work that had been performed.  This was additional work to the years prior you contracted Krubinski’s companies to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars to “replace tiles” and other shoddy repairs.  We paid Mark Marsch (working as Due Diligence Consulting while at Paradigm) for food, travel and lodging while your son in-law was also being paid to ”inspect” decks and roofs.
You told us, WICR, Perrine and Paradigm could not be found, went out of business and we had no warranty for all of that work and all that money.
Below is WICR’s contact list that was recently published on the web.  I wonder, did you bother looking out your office window when we sent you all those requests to find them for us?

The Gaffney Group, Inc.

400 S. Farrell Dr. #B-202
Palm Springs, CA 92262

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