The Tweet That Forced Mark Marsch Off Twitter

2014-04-14 15.16.50

Self proclaimed “Christian” conservative Mark Marsch deleted his twitter account this weekend after I discovered a tweet of his that described undocumented workers as “illegals”  and was pretty mmmm lets say not in keeping with the “christian” faith.

Mark you do know you can just delete the tweet right? No reply needed…

deck_expertApr 05, 8:04am via HootSuite

@marsch_mark don’t you and @WICRinc and @dkrubinski rely quite a bit on undocumented workers? Kind of hypocritical….and really racist?

deck_expertApr 05, 8:03am via HootSuite

Looks like @marsch_mark of @WICRincdeleted his Twitter account after I called out his racist comments on “illegals”. Buh bye now, buh bye

Mark Marsch Twitter deleted mark marsch twitter listing

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