View Alleged Wanke Industrial Commercial Residential Un-Documented Workers Time Cards and “Paychecks”. Is This How They Avoid Paying Payroll Taxes/Unemployment Ins?

Linked below are copies of time cards in pdf format of alleged undocumented workers hired by WICR that was provided by Jose Ortiz.

Ortiz, a former WICR employee, alleges that WICR routinely hired undocumented workers and paid them through their “foreman” who received a check made out in the foreman’s name from WICR’s general business account  without any withholding or employee payroll taxes.

The foreman would then cash the check and pay out the undocumented workers in cash. Ortiz says his checks had taxes withheld, but the undocumented workers had no taxes withheld.

If this is true, WICR could face substantial penalties and the person(s) responsible could face substantial fines and or time in jail according to the IRS website.

Review these documents and come to your own conclusions about the payroll and timecards. Is WICR circumventing the IRS, ICE and state of California’s laws? Tell us what you think in the comments.

undocumented workers timecards

undocumented workers timecards 2

Undocumented Workers Pay

undocumented employee checks 2009

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