Welcome to The Grand Illusion of Third Party Consultants Referred By WICR

Is this a bad joke?

We’d like to know who they gonna tell you to call? Mark Marsch? David Krubinski? Marsch is on the WICR company list as the consultant…

So we made  a few comments about their take on third party consultants. Call the Roof Consultants Institute, see who they have as another option…

The Added Value of using a Waterproofing Consultant, From a Waterproofing Contractor’s Perspective

WICR, Inc. has been providing waterproofing and decking solutions to Southern California for over thirty years. Each of our crew leaders has over a decade of field knowledge, and our estimators collectively have over forty-five years of experience. Even with the vast collective knowledge of our team we find ourselves working more and more with waterproofing consultants for our mutual customers.

Why might you ask? Well, the role of a waterproofing consultant is to provide an independent professional responsible for: proper design, bidding documents, code compliance, contractor pre-qualification, safety, coordination, inspection, and the overall quality of the customer’s experience. We value the professional relationship our company has with waterproofing consultants. A qualified waterproofing consultant lends knowledge and experience resulting in a smoother running project. EVEN BETTER, A INDEPENDENT QUALIFIED 3RD PARTY INSPECTOR IS PREFERRED, NOT ONE WHO USED TO BE AN OWNER OF WICR, LIKE MARK MARSCH WAS. 

Having a waterproofing consultant adds additional perspective to our waterproofing team allowing our customers to understand the requirements of the specifications and design to collectively provide the customer with a quality experience. A contractor may offer a warranty, but there is no guarantee the application will meet manufacturer specified requirements, building code, or even be a quality application. Simply put, every waterproofing project requires sound structural components, proper code compliance, the right materials, and a quality installation. There are no substitutes for these elements in waterproofing. WHAT WICR DOESN’T SAY IS THAT THE CONSULTANT WON’T GUARANTEE THE INSTALL OR THAT EVERYTHING WAS DONE ACCORDING TO SPEC. HOW CAN THEY UNLESS THE 3RD PARTY INSPECTOR IS THERE WATCHING EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY. 

Waterproofing contractors are applicators, not licensed structural engineers responsible for the structural integrity and design of your balcony, walkways, podium, etc. Having a well-designed bidding document and pre-qualifications are the first steps to ensuring a successful waterproofing project. When discussing the importance of waterproofing to the structural components of the building it is beyond bidding apples-to-apples, it’s about the safety of your community or home.

Getting qualified waterproofing consultants involved early in your waterproofing and decking rehabilitation projects can save a lot of time, money, and headache. A professional waterproofing consultant adds value to the project by making sure the entire project is completed correctly the first time. Their third-part responsibility creates credibility to the quality of our work. As a waterproofing contractor, we endorse waterproofing consultants’ involvement and have witnessed their benefits to owners and property managers. I’LL BET THEY LIKE THE BENEFIT TO THEIR BOTTOM LINE MORE…

Please contact our Marketing Director, Noël Davis, for contact information on qualified waterproofing consultants that WICR, Inc. has partnered with. IF THEY SAY DAVID MAZOR/KRUBINSKI OR MARK MARSCH CAVEAT EMPTOR!

WICR Telephone Listing of Staff Note David Krubinski and Masrk Marsch listed on sheet.
WICR Telephone Listing of Staff Note David Krubinski and Masrk Marsch listed on sheet.

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