Watch – Nevada Coating System’s Granite Deck Ignites in This Video!

Watch as a sample of Nevada Coating System Granite Deck is “tested” by fire with oak bbq wood. Watch what happens even when the wood is removed from the coating! Click the link and download your own copy while you watch!

This is what WICR and DeckTech of Grover Beach sell to unsuspecting clients. DeckTech used to say on their website that the material was Class A rated, but that is gone now. Here though is the screen shot of the old DeckTech page. No copies of any reports proving that claim can be found at any leading testing or evaluation service websites. Emails at have Krubinski saying there is a rating, but he refuses to provide it. There’s a reason Krubinski has been labeled “duck n dodge Dave”.

NCS-GRANITE II SYSTEM   Decktech-081901
Old web page from DeckTech claims a Class A rating.

Krubinski has the same type of “warranty” on NCS as he had on Mer-Kote, a “Ten Year Warranty” that was written so that the original applicator only had to maintain the deck at a cost to be determined, which is essentially a maintenance agreement to the benefit of the contractor. There are better products available that don’t require maintenance like this. Notice the similarities between the two? This is no coincidence…just a way to part you with your money on a regular basis. Don’t fall for it. The product does not do well in the sun, UV burns up anything made of rubber, polyurea, plastic, it all eventually burns up from UV.

Created by Readiris, Copyright IRIS 2010 Created by Readiris, Copyright IRIS 2010

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