WICR’s “Warranty” or Welcome to the Grand Illusion

Remember Styx? Well they are still around, so I guess we mean do you remember the song the Grand Illusion? Well hum the ditty below to the music of Styx’ Grand Illusion, cause that is what your “warranty” is from WICR, Inc. An illusion of a warranty…a parody of a warranty…

Welcome to the Grand Illusion

Come on in and see what’s happening

Pay todays price, get a warranty for 10 years

The trap is set, the warranty starts running
Three years later your sales person from WICR is pounding on your door
Reminding you that if you don’t pay them, your warranty will evaporate in thin air

But don’t be fooled by the smooth talking salesman O
The fancy flyers or the promises made long ago
They show you copies of your warranty 
But they’re just David Krubinski’s fantasy…
So if you think your HOA warranty is a complete con-fusion
You are right, because you will never win the game
Just remember that it’s a Grand illusion

Rigged to benefit the wallets of the players and empty your HOA’s???” 

The concept of a warranty is simple…

Defined as “a written guarantee, issued to the purchaser of an article by its manufacturer, promising to repair or replace it if necessary within a specified period of time.
“the car comes with a three-year warranty”
synonyms: guaranteeassurancepromisecovenantcommitmentagreement More

  • (in contract law) a promise that something in furtherance of the contract is guaranteed by one of the contractors, especially the seller’s promise that the thing being sold is as promised or represented
    THEN there is a maintenance agreement
    defined by BusinessDictionary.com as 
    WICR Inc issues a “ten year warranty” that is in essence, not a warranty, but rather a maintenance agreement. If you buy a Ford or Chevy or whatever car, you can take that car to another dealer for warranty service, because Ford is backing up the warranty. If you have a problem with the dealer, you can go to Ford and complain. 
    Now if you have a “warranty” from WICR, it says you have to have them and only them come back every 3 years to reseal the decks. What happens if you don’t pay WICR to do the work? Your “warranty” is null and void. Here’s a copy of an old warranty Krubinski signed for one HOA on behalf of WICR vis a vis the old Mer-Kote when Krubinski ran the sales there through 2006/7. 
    Note that it benefits WICR…every 3 years. In this HOA’s case, the 3 year cost to reseal their decks was $162,000. 
    With a warranty like this, you are stuck and 
    over the proverbial barrel. Well don’t take a beating anymore…
    Now hear is the new Mer-Kote warranty written by Parex LaHabra. Note the language highlighted…it says you need to use a currently listed applicator…not the applicator who installed the deck. That means you are free of onerous requirements to use the contractor…maybe you had a bad experience or want the freedom to get a better price on the free market…
    Stuck in a warranty with WICR for a Mer-Kote deck installation? First off, call Mer-Kote immediately and let them know 
    Mer-Ko Headquarters
    Parex USA, Inc.
    4125 E. La Palma Ave., Suite 250
    Anaheim, CA 92807
    (714) 778-2266
    (866) 516-0061
    Stuck in a warranty with WICR for a Nevada Coatings installation. Can’t help you there…you can call the manufacturer but that is Dave Krubinski so you’ll get no satisfaction there. Besides, they have so few who install the system. In a web search we could only find WICR and Deck Tech who advertise they install the stuff. 
    We would advise that you see how much they want to repaint the NCS deck every 2 years, and figure out how long it will take to recoup the money you’d spend by covering the NCS with a concrete metal lath system that doesn’t need to be repainted every 2 to 3 years. The cost of NCS ownership is way out of line vs competing systems.  

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