David Krubinski’s Associates Were Apparently Paid Over $400,000 In Construction Billings to HOA When Krubinski Was President

In 2007, while David Krubinski was the President of the Association where he owned a condo in Palm Springs, his associates in business endeavors or friends of his associates received over $400,000 in reserve funds from the HOA.

We received a copy of the Mesquite Country Club’s 2007 budget replete with this reserve cost breakdown. The companies with arrows pointing to them and the corresponding amounts show what was paid to four different companies that have links back to Krubinski.

The players, and their connections to Krubinski are

Paradigm Construction Owned by Frank Burton, relationship to Krubinski remains unknown at this time. Paradigm is paid $100,000 for “Quality Control” . Mark Marsch (ex WICR owner, current principal at ICR-Services, partner with Krubinski in Waterproofing Superstore TX)  however works for Paradigm and is watching work being performed by

The Perrine Group which is owned by a partnership of Fred Wanke (WICR, Inc) and Ron Perrine who is paid $135,154  to do roof work. The relationship between Perrine and Krubinski is unknown. Krubinski and Wanke own WICR Inc.  Then there is

Signature Builders, owned by Ron Perrine, who is paid $7,200 for painting work.

Last but not least comes WICR, Inc, who receives a whopping $154,019 for deck work that year.

So all added up Krubinski’s company, WICR and his related associates collect $414,749 out of a total of $541,089 in reserve expenditures.

Is this just an ethical issue or does it push into legal boundaries?  I guess it would depend on what was disclosed.  I just feel bad for the owners of the units…it doesn’t appear that the President had the Associations best interests with this type of cronyism. Tell us how you feel about this and take our poll.

2007 Mesquite Country Club Reserve Expense Breakdown Over $400,000 went to associates of Krubinski's
2007 Mesquite Country Club Reserve Expense Breakdown

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