Pot Culture at WICR? Employees Allege Drug Use In Management, Sean Krubinski’s Twitter & Google + Alias

As one Hispanic worker at WICR Inc told us,  we know what weed smells like. They say the office reeks of it some days…from management apparently.

Does drug abuse and drug culture exist at WICR Inc? Employees and ex-employees say it does, and in a big way.

With this info as a starting point and with a little searching on the internet, I found one employees Facebook page and Twitter page. Being wide open, I searched around Noel Davis’  pages…finding reference to an @hazious and ChocoThaiDub. More searching easily finds @hazious on WeedMaps.com and his many reviews of the bud he has purchased. CocoThaiDub is a Google + and YouTube name…that’s been taken down and is now gone but we took screen shots.

Needing some entertainment, I dropped this bomb last night on Sean and Noel’s Twitter accounts as well as WICR’s. “@noniebdavis @Hazious @WICRinc Looks like Sean Krubinski aka Hazious aka ChocoThaiDub is in charge knowing when its 4:20?” Their followers will all see the mentions and maybe click in to see “what up?”

Some searching finds @Hazious Twitter account set as private, but some searching in Google’s cached pages finds many tweets and pics. Most are references to weed. At YouTube, a search finds a pic of Sean Krubinski all “gangsta” on a followers page. If you are into weed culture you might know that Chocolate Thai pot is a big hit (no pun intended) with weed connoisseurs.  Dub is a bag of weed in some slang versions…

Following back Noel Davis’ Facebook and Twitter accounts led to this discovery…and with several ex- and current employees stories sounding very similar…well it appears that pot culture is firmly entrenched at WICR. Our sources say Sean will often show up at work in the morning and have a strange smell…reviews he posted on WeedMaps.com seem to show him on work hours while writing reviews of different strains of pot and dispensaries…and the ex and current employees say he often shows up at job sites smelling a little funny. Which may mean he is driving and smoking?

Our sources also say that weed use is pervasive with management as well. Searches just didn’t come up with any alter-ego Twitter accounts…yet.

Here are the many screen shots we have of @Hazious Twitter feed and YouTube account under ChocoThaiDub, along with some of our screen shots of Noel’s pages, which led us right to Sean’s alter ego…

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