Employee’s Say WICR In a State of Panic / del Empleado Say WICR en un estado de pánico

“I am the angel
Of your destruction
I am perversion
Secret desire
I am your future
Swallowed up in fire”

(“Burn” -lyrics by Trent Reznor Nine Inch Nails)

Recent reports from our sources inside WICR say a new dynamic has taken hold of WICR’s management…The pall over the company is like walking into a funeral home.

The secret owner that thought they had the world by the balls turns out to be weak and impotent. Fred, the owner on paper, well it sounds like Fred is all like “What do you mean this is no time to panic,..it’s a perfectly good time to panic!”

From what sources tell us, the undocumented workers are all gone…replaced by workers with papers…hmmm Dave, sorry it’s to late, your paper trail is long and well documented. Workers Comp carriers have been alerted…the state too.

Sources say the staff is well along in covering up as much as they can, redoing paperwork, which of course makes them  complicit in any crime that may be being committed… panic rules the day at WICR is the word.

Our sources say Krubinski is a broken man…prone to outbursts, irrational orders and demands…telling employees in key positions to remove pictures from websites, delete tweets on personal twitter handles, Facebook posts and the like in an attempt to hide and cover up WICR business apparently.

Sources say Fred Wanke is in an unenviable position, now realizing that the trap Krubinski has him in is closing. Fred is the “owner” and it will be Fred who ends up holding the bag when it goes down. Unless Fred smartens up and goes to the authorities before they come for him, he’s looking at possible time in the big house if the fraud allegations prove true…where old pudgy white boys are a favorite treat. I hope Fred likes Siracha sauce, the preferred lubricant in the California prison system…call us Fred and we’ll do what we can to save you. Not.

Sean Krubinski has lost  control of his staff, probably another reason why some have been terminated…with the machismo culture in Mexico and their dislike of people who are “different”, Sean, aka ChocoThaiDub, has lost any respect or authority he may have had from what we understand. Guess Seans old man Dave Mazor/Dave Krubinski will start to think before hitting “send” with emails that contain unsubstantiated accusations, won’t he?

The attorney Krubinski married, after his messy open affair and leaving his ex-wife at Christmas several years ago, can’t do much to save his or anyone’s ass, as opening a suit against me opens everything up to my subpoena’s and scrutiny. Checkmate.

“I am the truth from which you run
and I control you
I am the silencing machine
and I control you
I am the end of all your dreams
and I control you
I take you where you want to go
I give you all you need to know
I drag you down I use you up
Mr. Self-destruct”

“Mr Self Destruct” Lyrics by Trent Reznor Nine Inch Nails


surrender david krubinski



2 thoughts on “Employee’s Say WICR In a State of Panic / del Empleado Say WICR en un estado de pánico”

  1. David the devil ……Bill keep informing us who really is this guy ! We need a picture of this ass so we can be more familiar and see his face


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