Employees Say The Secret Affair Was Anything But…and Leads to Quietly Settled Divorce and Remarriage

We’ve spoken over the past weeks to more than a few sources who have collectively helped us put together a time line, along with legal documents we found on line, to describe to you a not so secret affair and the divorce and remarriage between David Mazor, aka David Krubinski and who is described as the legal representative for WICR, Inc. company attorney, Irina Drill.

Late in 2008, at Christmas time, Krubinski apparently “suddenly ended their marriage” and separated from his wife, according to Carol Ryan Krubinski’s statement in a hearing about her nursing license found here  on page 4 of the document. Sources tell us that Mazor/Krubinski had a tumultuous relationship with his wife. According to documents,  she has had alcohol and drug issues and sources say what they consider Krubinski’s mentally treatment of his wife had much to do with that.

The ending of the marriage was partly or wholly due to the open secret that Krubinski was having an affair with the company attorney, being seen with Drill by several sources who worked at Drills house while employed with WICR. Other incidents apparently included trysts at the office and being caught literally in the act according to one of our sources. A source who was employed at WICR around that time in a WICR office said Krubinski would show up there for business with the “company attorney” in tow on different occasions.

The divorce between Krubinski and his ex-wife Carol led to the searching of the companies computers by Carol Krubinski’s investigators and according to sources, led to a quickly agreed upon settlement that appears to have been closed as an open record, I’m still searching for the divorce papers…

It also appears that Irina Drill was married to a Eugene G Drill…at least they were on title together on a property in the La Canada Flintridge area and seemed to own property together in Porter Ranch and several other addresses previously. We don’t have information on what happened to their marriage…can anyone fill us in? The La Canada address had Eugene and Irina on title until 2007, when Irina bought the remaining interest from Eugene Drill. David Mazor was added to the title in April of 2012.

The wedding between Irina Drill and David Mazor/Krubinski occurred in a Jewish ceremony at a Synagogue/Temple in the La Canada area. The ceremony was attended by only a few of Krubinski’s confidants and associates while Irina’s family and friends, far outnumbered the grooms few friends. The strangest thing our source said they noticed right away was the lack of any family of Krubinski’s. Sean Krubinski was the only family member that attended apparently. Our source said “He supposedly changed his name to impress his wife who is Jewish…

As found on wesbite of Lindborg and Mazor July 30 2014.
As found on wesbite of Lindborg and Mazor July 30 2014. According to the Wayback machine, this notice was posted in 2012.

The source from WICR who attended said they felt “love was not part of the equation for Dave, rather it was a strategic business aquisition” in their opinion. We do have other current and ex WICR employee sources saying and confirming that Krubinski uses his wife and her magical suit powers to keep employees toeing the line…they say the most vulnerable are those who are undocumented.

Would Krubinski be so callous and shallow as to actually marry for more power? Some say yes, and quite quickly when asked their opinion…

Our source described what they thought to be the strangest and most egotistical thing happened though at the wedding ceremony with the beautiful couples vows to each other…when Krubinski, er Mazor, vowed “TOGETHER WE SHALL RULE THE WORLD!”  Mazor/Krubinski, ironically it seems, also talked about how family was the most important thing. (How important can family be if none of them come to your wedding?)

Our source said it left them feeling sick to their stomach that Mazor’s narcissism was on such grotesque display at a marriage ceremony, saying  “ The only God he worships is the Federal Reserve Note.”  Editors note-I would have to agree, emails Krubinski has sent to me have insinuated that he has lots of money…while money is important, it’s ability to corrupt is well known too…

Well, isn’t that special…as Church Lady might say…sounds like a marriage match made in hell…




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