Was Three Million The Cost to End a Marriage Or Did It Buy Something Else?

With the publication of our last story on the marriage between Irina Drill and David Krubinski/David Mazor we heard from some reader who emailed us about the scandal.

One of our readers says Carol Ryan/Carol Krubinski raked her ex husband over the coals…” Her divorce settlement included a 3 million dollar cash settlement, a free house remodeled to her liking with tiles imported from Italy, and a 150K BMW (she wanted a new car because hers had lost the “new car smell”) all funded by (Davids) guilt over the affair.

A reader told us that Drill also separated from her husband at about  the same time the marriage of Krubinski ended.

This whole thing makes me feel icky…

Seems like secrets in Palm Springs don’t stay in Palm Springs…

I just wonder if Krubinski bought anything else with that three million? Seems his ex would know a lot about him…just saying.


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