Today’s Email From Mazor/Krubinski Doubles Down On His Accusation

Dave Mazor aka David Krubinski’s email to me today…doubles down on his accusation that I or my cohorts posted a fake profile under Sean Krubinski’s alias, but still offers no proof. See our reply below.


We have asked that you stop contacting us and stop harassing us, yet you have nothing better to do than to engage in disgusting pathetic behavior of sending repulsive emails to people you don’t know.  We have asked that you stop threatening each of us, yet you seem to get your jollies by demanding we succumb to your demands.  Your actions are not only harassment; they are vulgar in every sense of the word and you’re wrong if you think aligning yourself with Jose or Noels mother entitles you to post lies and slander me, Sean Noel or others for your own perverted satisfaction. 

Yes Bill we are all aware that you are trying to deflect the damage you caused by stating you have an IP addresses which proves your innocence You can suggest Sean posted the profile, but we know without question it is you and your cohorts. We know you want attention and the only way to get it is through posting lies and slander.  Nevertheless, we really don’t care what you claim to have, we know you did this and we know how sick the three of you are. 

You ask why I don’t sue you.   Come on Bill, you know the answer very well.  You are a destitute coward of a man. You have nothing to lose and suing you would be tantamount to suing a piece of dung.   Sure I would get lots of satisfaction from suing you, wasting your time and watching you spend your brother’s money in your defense; however satisfaction does not pay the bills.  Law suits are expensive and you are hardly worth my effort in writing this email.  The fact that you may subpoena documents is not a threat; as I will do the same to you.  I assure you, your brother will be just as sick of this case as I am before your first day in court, that is if he is willing to attach his personal and professional reputation to your abhorrent and disgusting actions?

Why you insist on harassing me, my wife, Sean, Noel, Fred, Mark, Ron and many others shows your complete contempt for any professionalism as an expert, as a contractor and as a human being!!!  In fact let me go so far as to say, your actions prove that you and your cohorts are psychotic stalkers who greatly need help. Therefore I urge you to spend your valuable time seeking professional help, rather than continuing these ridiculous attacks.  We know you are going to disagree, however ask yourself this question, why am I or for that matter anyone, so important to you that you have given up being a functioning part of society?    We don’t work with you, don’t interface with you and certainly try not to ever communicate with you.  You live in Central California and we live in Southern California, yet you seem to think by harassing us you are a champion and protector of those whom wish to interface with me or my associates?  How sick is this?

It is because of your constant attacks and disgusting behavior of posting false information on web sites and posting false profiles that will be the end of your professional career if there ever was such a thing, for each and everything you post and every email you send, is being used against you.

Bill, in all honesty, enough is enough.  You had your fun and I am hopeful that you have fulfilled your fantasies and have decided to grow up and act like an adult and the professional you so eagerly want to be.   Go back to doing whatever it was you did before you decided to harass me and all the others and try to have a decent life, not one filled with anger, despair and hatred. 

Here is my reply I sent just now

Hi  Dave,
It’s nice to hear from ya… Where’s your proof that I or “my cohorts” posted a false profile? Simply, you have no proof and don’t dare seek it because you and I know where that will lead. But if you want to double down on your accusation go ahead. I’ll just post all this up and let the public decide.
Lets face facts…unless you can prove otherwise, I can only assume that Sean posted the profile on Hey, maybe somebody else actually did that has a grudge against him. Now you can find out who it was…or simply don’t investigate and tacitly admit he did post it.
You sued Scott Schmutzer for a whole lot of money for saying a whole lot less than what the posts at say, so who are you kidding? You threatened  to sue Jose over a whole lot less…please don’t make me laugh. You won’t sue because then everything opens up to scrutiny and that’s what you’re trying so desperately to avoid.
Your ego is getting the better of you…ala testifying against Jose in a recorded hearing…telling DeckTech’s client to hire your personal friend and business partner Mark Marsch to inspect Ron’s crappy job (hey how come DT’s bond is being cancelled in a couple weeks? To many complaints against the bond? Chortle They won’t get a new bond until their complaints are settled. Big lawsuits coming soon to a courtroom in SLO. Sorry to hear about your pets bad news)
 I’ve been accused of being brusque and abrasive and rough on people, but never have I been accused of being a coward. Cowards do things behind someone’s back. I’m standing right in front of you, daring you to hit me. Daring you to come up with the proof.Your damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
 I think it’s your wife with the brains here, telling you that if she sues, it opens everything up. Like I said, checkmate.
If you don’t like me contacting your associates, to bad. I am free to ask them questions and tell them things that you don’t like. They are the ones running and hiding after deleting their racist (Mark Marsch), drug oriented tweets @hazious aka Sean)…so sowing a little doubt in their minds is what appears to be happening. I can only guess that I’m to uncomfortably close to the truth for you.
You wouldn’t believe how many people contact me to provide tips about you. Your list of enemies that you’ve accumulated in your quest to rule the world is long and impressive. As a side question, why does everyone who contacts me start out with similar adjectives to describe you? These are not complimentary adjectives either. Just wondering…
In closing I’ll again offer to remove any “false information” (and print a retraction) I have posted if you can simply provide conclusive proof to the contrary of what might be posted.

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