UPDATED 8 12 14-Coincidence or Not? ICR Services, WICR Inc and DeckTech’s Bond Companies & History are Exactly the Same!

I am not usually the conspiracy minded type…usually. However, in this case, I’m carving out an exception.

Deck Tech Inc of Grover Beach is a Decking and General contractor here in the area. ICR Services is owned by David Mazor aka David Krubinski. WICR is a decking and general contractor in San Diego. Their connection is that they are both one of a very few applicators of a product called Granite Deck, a polyurea coating  (I haven’t found any other firms that apply the stuff) made by Carboline and sold via David Krubinski’s Nevada Coating Systems.

Supposedly independent of each other, they all have a bond history that is either a huge coincidence or else they are working in tandem together. We posted their bond histories for your comparison.

Note that both have the same exact bonding companies in their history, but look closer and I think you’ll agree that this is not a coincidence as the dates of these bonds being issued and cancelled match each other exactly too. Three companies all exactly the same dates…hmmm.

Further coincidence or not is the fact that two of the companies websites are created by Scorpion Design of Valencia.

Krubinski claims he has no business relationship with DeckTech other than selling them product, but I’m not so sure…this is just looking to coincidental for me.

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