If You Believe Your Wages Were Stolen, You Can Make a Claim Against a Contractors Bond Si usted cree que sus salarios fueron robados, usted puede presentar una demanda contra Bond



Good news for any current or ex-employees of WICR or any other contractor who believes they had wages stolen from them!

If you

  • had overtime work you performed that was called driving time,
  • didn’t get a lunch or rest break
  • had a time card altered after submitting it
  • was paid under the table as an undocumented worker
  • had money deducted for someone else’s injuries who was working under your supervision
  • weren’t allowed to clock in at the office/warehouse when picking up materials but had to wait until you got to the job
  • if you reported for work, but didn’t work for more than 3 hours and was only paid for the hours worked, you may have a claim that you can make with the bond company. The law requires employers pay for a minimum of three hours even of you worked less than that.


From CSLB’s website-

A contractor has an obligation not to commit any violation of contractor license law that is grounds for disciplinary action against the license. If the contractor does not comply with the conditions of the bond, a claim can be filed with the surety company.

Claims against a surety company may be filed by ….employees damaged by the contractor’s failure to pay wages…

If you worked for WICR and  believe that you may have a claim for wages, you can file a claim by contacting the bond carrier for WICR. There is no time limit to file a claim for wages.

If you worked for WICR between 12/22/1997 and 3/2/2009 please contact this bond company. They will send you the forms necessary to file your claim for wages.

P O BOX 10289
VAN NUYS, CA 91410-0289
(800) 537-1819

If you worked for WICR after 3/2/2009  through today, please contact this bond company. They will send you the forms necessary to file yor claim for wages.

LOS ANGELES, CA 90017-5721
(310) 649-0990


5 thoughts on “If You Believe Your Wages Were Stolen, You Can Make a Claim Against a Contractors Bond Si usted cree que sus salarios fueron robados, usted puede presentar una demanda contra Bond”

  1. Hi Bill all employers from WICR never got paid for the over time hours
    here is how it works David Mazor / Krubinsky the owner and CEO of WICR drives to Palms Springs to the companies accounting office at least 4 times per month.
    This are the companies that David M./K owns and is on top of every dollar
    W.I.C.R. Inc
    ICR Services
    Krubinsky inc.
    Nevada coating
    Surgical Associates of San Diego
    in 2008 David Krubinski found my resume in craigslist then he called me for an interview at the
    job site in La Canada flintridge home of Irina Drill who is now married with David…
    we talk about the work specs and the remodel of this particular recidence
    David Krubinski ask me how much an hour I was asking for so I reply $25.00 and I ask if he paid over time…he reply “NO we do not paid over time! but you can work as many hour you want, we pay gas, and you will get the Home Depot card and American Express to buy materials ..our nation economic situation is not in good shape but we are able to keep our crews busy!” He used the economy collapse of 2008 as an excuse to not paid over time.
    He then asked Kelly to send the company new employee packet, company cell phone, and credit cards.
    David was in the phone with Kelly Durgham and clearly explain to her that I will not get paid over time just like the rest of the employees but my pay will be $ 20.00 an hour, when the call ended David ask me to keep record of the hours worked in a day until I received the time cards.
    I got hired as a jack of all trades so I was the only contuction employee for WICR Inc.
    David told me he would explain to me how to fill my time card and the paid periods.
    A few days after I showed David the time cards that Kelly send to me so David K. help me to fill my first time card and explaint to me that once Kelly Durgham gets the time card she will arrange it by putting 40 hours of work and the rest she will be putting in as driving time so I put as many hours I could to get a good check ….

    CSLB really needs to investigate this type of crimes

    I only filled out the work application for WICR!
    1st job was in La Canada Flintridge, all my checks came from WICR

    2nd job I was send to Pahrump Nevada as superintendent for Krubinski Inc. were he was building a dog kennel were David introduced me to Mark Marsh who was pretending to be an independent consultant (yeah that is right!)
    The checks I received for this job where coming from WICR as well but the job was under Krubinski Inc. So the CSLB or workers compensation carrier knew about this?

    3rd job was in San Diego for Irinas Drill brother Dr. A. Bulkin
    David Krubinski took me to the job site to meet the Bulkins family and to explaint to me the work specs for this remodel.
    A few weeks after Mark Marsh was introduced to me as a project manager and another employer for David K.
    My pay for this job was coming from SURGICAL ASSOCIATES OF SAN DIEGO, PC but I never filled a job application with this particular company neither I was working in this clinic!
    What is so interesting in this particular job is I got injured due to the heavy and intense labor so WICR set an appointment for me to see doctor Chambers in San Diego. I went to see what was causing the pain in the back of my left knee at the end of the visit doctor Chambers called David Krubinski and explain to him what he found but he did not explaint to me what was wrong with my leg, a prescription to kill the chronic pain or a follow up was not given, that was in 2010….
    Early this year I contacted Dr. Chambers office and I ask for my file.. but no file existed or record of this visit. Why would they trow my file away?
    I want to know what is wrong with my knee DAVID KRUBINSKI!
    The doctor actually remembered me when I called him and he help me to get state disability in 2014 and feels bad that David K. did not want to set an appointment for a second visit neither to do this through workers compensatio insurance back in 2010 when this happend.

    Then I was introduced to Fred Wanke for the first time but not as the owner for this company but as a sales men and boss for Sean & Steve.
    Fred Wanke had to be at the office at 6:30 every morning no matter what if David found out that
    Fred was in his daughters soccer practice or any other place insted of work David would call him and chew his butt and ask him to get back to work!
    This happend more then once and know this as I was present when David was putting Fred back in his place and limiting him to make any desicions for this particar company WICR, Inc.

    I started working in San Diego as a head carpinter and construction jack of all trades for all deck remodels.

    The following jobs were David K choose not to pay for permits are:

    721 Eastshore Terrace Chula vista CA
    930 Lupine Hills Vista CA.
    18767 Lunada Point SD ,CA

    He choose and pick which units to pay permits for units in Huntington Beach the job site was SEA CLIFF OF THE GREENS.
    Mario Ramirez and Sean Krubinski are the employees who told me what David K. was doing and the way he wanted us to proceed with the remodels.
    Krubinki was the only representative from WICR who was meeting with the presidents of this particular association! so WHO IS FRED WANKE and what he really does for David K and his companies?

    I work for ALL THE COMPANIES THE DAVID KRUBINSKI OWNS from 2008 to 2012 , over 8,500 hours worked no over time got paid I have all my paid stubs to be presented as proof.

    So I was working for Bill?

    At the end I quit working for this company due to the labor burden. The company did not recognize our work and removed money from us so in that way Irina Drill could drive a Porshe.
    I applied for my GC license but got contacted by the investigator Dominique Anderson who told me that my application would be denied because WICR was working out of classification and if Fred Wanke admits that I performed as a Jack of all Trades it would put the company in trouble.

    David Krubinski called me from the surgical office and asked me to stop applying for the license so I disagree with him and told him I would do what ever it takes to get my license and that it was not my problem if he broke the law.
    The state contacted Fred and he denied all I did for 4 years, he told investigator Anderson that I was a labor and I did only once minor plumbing.
    I received the letter from the state where I will be in front of the judge presenting my argument lets see what kind of lies David Krubinski, Irina Mazor and Fred Wanke trow to the judge.
    If you are following all the previous cases of David Krubinski you will find out that he is considered a lier more than once in front of a judge so they know how he is and who they are dealing with.


    1. I would recommend you file a claim with the bond company of WICR and let them investigate. I would think that if they found evidence of fraud in changing time cards and not paying overtime that they would report to the DIR CSLB or whatever entity would prosecute.


    2. I would suggest that you file a claim with the bond company and let them investigate. I would think that if they found evidence of fraud in changing timecards that they would have to report that evidence to DIR.

      It certainly won’t hurt to try. Let me know when your date is, i would like to come.


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