Leave WICR a Bad Review and They’ll Sue? Yelp Reviewer of WICR Inc Claims He Was Threatened With Legal Action

Posted: August 13, 2014 in WICR
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We found this review of WICR on Yelp! Here you can see that the reviewer has complained about their work and problems…and he claims he was threatened with a lawsuit by the owner when his review came to their attention…that’s good business huh?

Well here is the review for everyone to read…

Leave WICR  a Bad Review and They'll Sue?

Reviewer says WICR owner threatened to sue

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi this is Jose Ortiz well the problem that all clients have with WICR is cos they don’t have a stucco finisher neither a finisher Carpenter ….all employees for this ridiculous company have a back ground as a waterproof coat applicators …they don’t hire professionals the reason is because David Mazor don’t like to hire them! To expensive for them I work with all the employer of this BS company and they don’t have a clue about STUCCO , FINISH CARPENTRY ,PAINTING ,DRYWALL OR ROUGH CARPENTRY ……I was the only jack of all trades for them from 2008 to 2012 my quality of my work was always recognize by IRINA DRILL ,A BULKINS ,DAVID KRUBINSKI ,FRED W,SARA RENDON ,JOE BULKINS,JIM DANSBY ,ERICK W, PLUS ALL THE CLIENT IN MULTIPLE PROJECTS
    SOMETHING THAT ALL CLIENT NEED TO KNOW ! DAVID MAZOR DON’T HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE OR WORK HISTORY IN THE CONSTRUCTION FIELD …..yes he have the license but look back and check his employment history !
    Do you know the name of the company were David M was a carpenter?
    Can he do stucco repairs.?
    Well I will love to know his employment history ?
    Can we dig more ?
    If we do what can we find ?
    Well I going to start publicating the names off each company and people the David M, F…ck in my time wile I was employed with this greedy company


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