Updated 8/19-Yelp Removes Review – We Caught Krubinski/Mazor Reviewing His Own Business on Yelp

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Use to be a bunch of assholes that lived in this part of the building here,
but we systematically removed them like you would any kind of termite or roach

Someone told me once
that there’s a right and wrong,
punishment would come to those
who dare to cross the line.

But it must not be true
for jerk-offs just like you.
Maybe it takes longer to catch a total asshole.
but I’m tired of waiting.

“Jerk-Off” by Tool 

Update- August 19, 2014  Vindication! Krubinski aka David Mazor Busted! YELP! Removes Review

Just received an email that YELP! has investigated and agrees that Mazor reviewed his own business…and under Content Guidelines comes this simple rule…

  • Conflicts of interest: Your contributions should be unbiased and objective. For example, you shouldn’t write reviews of your own business or employer, your friends’ or relatives’ business, your peers or competitors in your industry, or businesses in your networking group. Business owners should not ask customers to write reviews.
Flag a review and Yelp will investigate. Turns out we are right again! David Krubinski aka David Mazor busted for being sleazy again.

Flag a review and Yelp will investigate. Turns out we are right again! David Krubinski aka David Mazor busted for being sleazy again.

Yelp Catches "Total Asshole", Removes His Review From Their Building

Yelp Catches “Total Asshole”, Removes His Review From Their Building


Original Story Starts Here

Review Your Own Business?

Seems like David Krubinski aka David Mazor left a review of a business he has an interest in…seems sleazy

We’ve been told that David Krubisnki aka David Mazor has in interest in San Diego Vacular Center with his brother in law, Dr Bulkin.

One of the cardinal rules of Yelp is don’t review your own business or have friends review it. It’s sleazy and it’s called cheating or lying, but it seems that what Krubinski does best is lie. And what we do best is ferret out his lies.

Note on the large veins in the nose-One of our sharp eyed readers commented that those veins in your nose are called “Gin Blossoms” which usually come from to much drinky…

How do we know it’s Dave? Look at the profile-La Canada Flintridge. And then there’s Francesca’s review of SDVC and she mentions Mazor by name, see below. Oh, and we have sources who told us so too…

David Mazor aka David Krubinski

Francesca says David Mazor recommended her to San Diego Vascular Center.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well well well here is Jose Ortiz once againg ……just to give to you a little more information about David Mazor /Krubinski & Surgical Associates of San Diego,PC I was employed by David Krubinski ownwer of WICR INC back in 2008 As the project supervisor for his lover house Irina Drill now mr Mazor’s wife located in la cañada mr David ask me to supervise the move of furniture office equipment and paper work for his doctors offices and business located in escondido so they moved their office location from 488 E Valley Pkwy Escondido Ca 92025 to 625 E Grand Ave Escondido Ca 92025 were I was in charge of setting desks and Gide the mover as well keeping eye on them so they won’t removed files from the records I have pictures of this day to prove my side they were doing business at this address for about 2 years then we moved all to the new address at W Citracado Pkwy Escondido Ca 92025 DBAS Sandiego Vascular & Dr Moldovan its in fact David Mazor business partner Sara R. Is in chargeof this clinic


  2. deleted says:

    Bill let me know if you need photos to prove that we are telling the truth? About SD Vascular …. Ok


    • We would love any pictures with time stamped data that shows WICR crews working on projects outside of their license classifications. Their B license was only recently granted so any construction or carpentry work in 2012 or before I believe would be a license violation. I would recommend that you file a complaint with CSLB. We’ll be happy to post the pictures up!


  3. deleted says:

    When I was employed by WICR INC I did work at Dr A Bulkin house for about 4 months back in 2010 I perform multiple trades for this particular remodel I have pictures of this project in Facebook under this email joe_thebuilder111@yahoo.com you well find as well the remodel of the house in La Cañada for David’s K. House. To give you more information Dr. Moldovan its the neighbor of Mr Bulkin who I personally met and who it’s a nice person.


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