New Marketing & Sales Director at WICR

WICR Hires New Director of Marketing & Sales

Androniki Bossonis, Hired for Marketing & Sales Director Position, Appears Overqualified

New Marketing & Sales Director at WICR
New Marketing & Sales Director at WICR

In a press release sent out last week from WICR, Inc of San Diego, they announced the hiring of Androniki Bossonis to assume the duties of former Sales and Marketing Director Noel Davis.

The release discussed  Ms Bossonis’ and the  positions she held with various firms along with her qualifications, which with all due respect to her, makes her appear to be way overqualified for WICR. She will have some challenges coming though…a search for “Wanke Industrial Commercial” on Google turns up pages and pages of sites discussing WICR’s suit against several former employees. The typical searcher may be discouraged to see that news about WICR’s relentless pursuit of their competitor over customer lists everyone has before they ever find a WICR listing that links to WICR’s website. Search wise, they don’t show up well on general searches for San Diego or Los Angeles. Maybe time to dump the crummy website and find someone else to build a better performing site? All things for the new director of marketing to determine in due time.

WICR Inc Press Release announcing new director of sales and marketing.
WICR Inc Press Release announcing new director of sales and marketing.

With credentials from the likes of and Mark Levinson, “Niki” as known to her business associates, appears extremely overqualified for WICR. At the same time, she may be underqualified if she doesn’t have a good understanding of waterproofing and construction. The overqualified part of this leads one to ask why she was hired and who hired hired her? With all signs pointing to David Mazor aka David Krubinski being in charge, it’s likely he hired her.

One of our sources with knowledge of WICR and Krubinski’s divorce with ex-wife Carol, remarked on Bossonis being  attractive and said “That girl is going to give Irina fits!”  Irina being Irina Mazor, Krubinski’s new wife.

As yet unanswered is the fate of Noel Davis, the former Director of Sales and Marketing. The WICR website has not been updated although their blog on the website has the press release. Currently the website shows Davis as still Head of Sales.

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