A "Niki B" left a strange review of WICR that sounds more like an ad than a review.

Did a WICR New Hire Review Them on Yelp a Month Before Starting Her Job? How Ethical is That?

Perusing today what appears to be the Yelp page (Niki B) of recent hire Niki Bossonis, marketing director for WICR Inc, her review from October 6th, 2014 caught my eye…a review of WICR. Below is the review at Niki B’s Yelp page found here  http://www.yelp.com/user_details?userid=QGTvT3wucl1UKZgxTRGStQ.

We say appears to be, as clues strongly point to it being her…we know she previously lived in Huntington Beach, we know she goes by Niki and then there’s the different grammatical styles of writing between the 3 other reviews written at her profile and the review of WICR. Her twitter feed also shows her as being in Huntington Beach. This is Niki B’s “review” of WICR…

A "Niki B" left a strange review of WICR that sounds more like an ad than a review.
A “Niki B” left a strange review of WICR that sounds more like an ad than a review.

Does this sound suspiciously like WICR’s own marketing language to you? Compare that review to another review at the Niki B profile…

I’ve been an Image RX customer now for over 10 years and a variety of services and procedures, and am always completely satisfied with their staff, their knowledge and their menu of services. Jen, the owner, is not only highly knowledgeable and skilled, but she has a great personality.

See the differences in grammatical style?

WICR announced they had hired Bossonis  as their Director of Marketing on November 6th in a press release on PRWeb as well as on their own blog at their website. The WICR review was written just a month before…probably well after any initial talks about “come work for us” occurred. Seems too coincidental for some reason…

We know that Bossonis purchased a condo sometime in 2013, a full 6 years after this association she’s reviewing WICR for had their work done according to the review…why then is she really all so interested in the walkways? (This is where Seth and Amy would say “Really? Really, you’re interested in the walkways and knowing every 3 years or so their inspected and maintained….really? Really?)  I would also ask if this is the Associations view or is it her own personal view? Come to your own conclusions after sifting and weighing the documents and let us know what you think.

Do you think this is another icky moment of lapsed ethics and collusion by WICR with an employee to write a review and improve their online reviews or is this just a complete coincidence, albeit a one in eleventy billion chance?  Sound off with a comment…

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