Noel Davis - Guilty on driving .08 or over.

WICR Employee Arrested on DUI Charges Shortly Before Separating From Company

Adding fuel to the fire of speculation is the recent tip we received about ex-WICR marketing director Noel Davis being arrested on suspicion of being DUI while driving a motor vehicle. Davis separated from WICR in January for unknown reasons, speculatively because of WICR’s hiring of a new marketing director in October 2014.

Davis arrest in Santa Fe Springs California on or about October 16th, 2014 came at about the same time as the hiring of Niki Bossonosis. Davis was charged under California Motor Vehicle Code 23152(a) DUI Alcohol/Drugs for being either Under the influence of drugs and alcohol AND/OR having a blood alcohol level of .08% or greater.

As seen at arrest report of Noel Davis of Diamond Bar.
As seen at arrest report of Noel Davis of Diamond Bar.

Our search to confirm Davis’ address appears to match her boyfriend Sean Krubisnki’s address listed in Diamond Bar.

Our search for records on the disposition on the case turned up a court document showing Noel Davis was found GUILTY of driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher per Vehicle Code section 23152(b) VC.

In Los Angeles County, a first time DUI offense penalty is typically a license suspension includes 1 year of DUI probabation, a minimum fine of $390 plus court costs, 3-30 months of DUI school for apx $500, a license suspension of a minimum of 6 months to 3 years AND a requirement to install an interlock device on the vehicle. An interlock device requires a driver to “test” for alcohol each time the car is started as well as at various intermittent times while driving. The driver is required to pay for the installation, which costs around $200, pay a lease fee of apx $100 a month, the cost of the monthly calibrations required and removal fees. Not to mention your new insurance premiums which will be sky high. Pretty humiliating all in all.

Noel Davis - Guilty on driving .08 or over.
Noel Davis – Either pled or was found Guilty of driving  with a BAC of .08 or over.

This development adds more fuel to the accusations by employees of a “Drug Culture” at WICR-a previous story or ours reported on Sean Krubinski’s apparent penchant for weed and his nom de guerre, “Hazious” and “ChocoThaiDub”, which are references to pot. Read that story here

Maybe this will be Noels “wake up/come to Jesus moment” where you have hit bottom and realize that you’re lucky you didn’t kill anyone while driving drunk. God forbid it takes that for this young women…

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