Defendant Slips Away From Wanke Industrial Commercial Residential’s Grasp in Legal Battle

A six month plus battle to keep a defendant named in a suit over a bankruptcy was lost by WICR’s attorney when the Judge presiding over the case issued a ruling earlier this week. Defendant Arwen Keck prevailed in a motion to dismiss her from a lawsuit under Wanke Industrial Commercial Residential Inc vs Scott Keck & Arwen Keck. The Judge dismissed Keck from the case when he granted the defendants motion in Adversary Proceeding #14-90191-CL. This ruling lets Keck out of a claim against her and Scott Keck for $1,119,000.00. The claim against the Kecks is for 523 (a) (6) willful and malicious injury, where WICR is trying to prevent their judgment from becoming unenforceable if Keck prevails in his Chapter 7 bankruptcy. With this motion granted, WICR has only one target left to try to collect their judgement from. The bankruptcy comes from a suit several years ago that WICR prevailed in over customer lists that they claimed was private, despite every waterproofing company knowing who all WICR’s major clients are, as most construction companies in the LA/San Diego area solicit bids from multiple firms. We are wishing Scott good luck in prevailing against WICR and wiping out the judgement WICR holds against him.

Court listing of motions and actions in Keck's bankruptcy battle.
Court listing of motions and actions in Keck’s bankruptcy battle.

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