Is Money Getting Tight at the Mazor Household?

Posted: February 29, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Oh brother was the only thought that I had when I read Krubinski, err sorry, Mazor’s smarmy for sale ad for his Cobra…

Remember WICR field workers, get what’s due you.

krubinski smarmy cobra listing.png

“Our son?” Did you adopt? With 365 miles on it, it sounds like you didn’t drive it…

Dave can’t afford an Ivy League education without selling his car? Wow, things must be getting tight at the Mazor household…maybe we should have a fundraiser for them? Pass a cup?

Krubinski cobra phone and namekrubinski cobra sold

  1. Jose ortiz says:

    Dave the devil has your soul !!!
    You have nothing less to lose!!
    You used our money to buy some toys!
    Let’s see if you can buy your way out!!


  2. Yo Mama says:

    His biological son never got an ivy league education.


    • Jose ortiz says:

      David Krubinski is the human cancer is bad for all of us !!
      His son won’t be able to enjoy his money !! Maybe because hi is claiming to be gay !!!
      David look around…you can’t see us neither you can’t hear us !!! But we are keeping in eye on you !!

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  3. Yo Mama says:

    Nope he won’t be able to enjoy it because Dave is married to a lawyer. When he dies, I’m sure his son won’t get shit.


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