Former Employee of San Diego Vascular Alleges Mazor Involved in Possible Medicaid Violations, Co-Mingling Funds, Violations of Overtime Pay

“I was Dr XXXXXX  XXXXX on and off for over X years.  We had an amazing relationship.  I loved working for him. Excellent Dr.   Not so good as a business man.  
  David and his unethical business practices were too much for me to keep quiet  about.   He made everyone a salaried employee, not paying overtime along with  possible Medicare violations and co- mingling of funds and employees from his prior business to SD Vascular.  I can’t believe this guy has never been to jail.”
This is from an email I got from an ex-employee. Why does everyone with a grudge against Krubinski say the same thing, ie Why hasn’t this guy gone to jail?
We’re contacting the authorities to see if that can’t be rectified.
Dr Bulkin, if this is true, now is the time to step forward and save your ass. Tell everything you know and I’ll ask them to go light on you. If you don’t, well, you’ll be popular in jail.

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