Celebrating the Third Anniversary of WICRLeaks!

WICRLeaks.com celebrated it’s third anniversary of exposing the lies and deceit of David Mazor aka David Krubinski recently. Despite Dave’s bluster and threats to sue us, we’ve shut his fucking mouth up because he knows he can’t sue without exposing himself and WICR, San Diego Vascular and everything else he’s associated with to our attorney’s. And our attorney’s are just drooling over the possibility of deposing the douchebag and subpoenaing all his documents, something Sir Douche-a-Lot can’t risk.

So Davy meanders on, blustering about suing and threatening me while I slowly tighten the noose around his neck. 2017 promises to be a great year, I expect that the trap door will open soon and drop him through to hang on a number of issues Douche-A-Lot has against him.

I’m investigating San Diego Vascular whom he has an interest in; ex-employees there hate him just as much as ex-employees at WICR do. Allegations of improprieties with Medicare have come to light and that’s under federal jurisdiction…if you have information, let us know, I want him in jail too!


Bill Leys




5 thoughts on “Celebrating the Third Anniversary of WICRLeaks!”

      1. Sara Rendon is the head for the SD Vascular Center, she has been in this position for over 10 years. Her contact info is:

        42442 Swoboda Ct
        Temecula CA, 92592
        (858) 882-7641

        If there is any wrongdoing she is aware of it.
        She operates under David Mazor/Krubinski’s full direction/instructions

        Lupe is her assistant, they both have kids. I do not think they want to leave their kids at home and serve a sentence on behalf of David Mazor/Krubinski.
        Hope this information is helpful.

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  1. When I was working for WICR – David Krubinski sent me to work to the following places:
    Joe Bulkin’s house (Irina’s Dad) small repairs
    Irina’s residence in Pasadina was an over $500,000 remodeled
    Anthony Bulkin’s residence for a $150,000 remodel
    I filled out 1 job application and that was to work for WICR but during this jobs I received pay stubs from other companies that Mr. Krubinski owns and claims not to be a part of.
    I was able to use this mistake from David to expose his can of worms.


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