Vascular Care Foundation’s 2015 Tax Return Reveals Zero Funds Expended For “Care For the Poor”

Income of 80,550 for 2015

$10,000 In Expenditures for Professional Fees, Printing & Miscellaneous Expenses BUT No Money Apparently Spent on/for “The Poor”!

The 2015 tax tax returns for the non-profit entity Vascular Care Foundation signed by David Mazor aka David Krubinski have been posted and we got a copy.

The return shows that the non-profit received apx $80,000 in revenue/donations/grants and only spent money on professional fees (accounting/attorney type fees) printing costs and miscellaneous expenses. Schedule O, which shows specifics, showed zero funds paid for “helping the poor” as they claim on their tax exempt form.

The calendar at their website shows nothing for events in 2017 that I could find, but at least the website is cleaned up finally. Read the 2015-tax-return that places the same officers in this endeavor in business in for profit companies as well.

Have to wait til 2016’s filing to see if these guys could find any money to actually perform their stated mission.


4 thoughts on “Vascular Care Foundation’s 2015 Tax Return Reveals Zero Funds Expended For “Care For the Poor””

  1. The IRS will find out what really happened to all that $ Money…

    All they need to do is pressure Kelly Durham
    she is the bookkeeper for all the companies that David Mazor/krubinski owns
    She is the one who knows it !!


  2. Kelly she is the one who advice David in what hi can get away with when it comes to the IRS..
    And Irina protect every decision that David makes legally!…and doesn’t mean that she is following the law..


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