125k Construction Defect Suit For Faulty Deck Work Bedros v WICR WATERPROOFING & CONSTRUCTION




Well while we are looking around at San Bernardino court fillings we found this one that was filed back in June.

The Bedros claim for damages to their deck is $125,000+.  I’m not involved in this case soI’m looking forward to attending and sitting in the courtroom as an audience member this summer. Stay tuned.

Read their second amended complaint here 2nd amended complaint amended 3 6 20 It’s full of juicy stuff.

To be “fair and balanced”, here is WICR’s attorneys claiming that the Bedros were “savvy” clients and trying to excuse shoddy contracts, unconscionable clauses etc as just a regular contract and that the Bedros are responsible. Bad news, no court is going to uphold those claims. reply to opposition to motion 6 30 20 I put it here so you can see how attorneys try to spin everything and gaslight you.

Keep threatening me Dave, I don’t give a shit. Everything I can find that is verifiable I will publish. Truth is my defense, lies are your mistake.

If you can be destroyed by the truth, you deserve to be destroyed by the truth. It was a pleasure testifying truthfully and honestly in court last Monday. Driving 450 miles round trip 3x was just another minor inconvenience in bringing you to justice.

I’m working on that promise I made on the websites byline, getting 3 or more complaints against you… 2 of the 3 above are on board now…tick tock, tick tock

7 thoughts on “125k Construction Defect Suit For Faulty Deck Work Bedros v WICR WATERPROOFING & CONSTRUCTION”

    1. this is why we have the website to bring people together who have been injured and let them know that there is recourse especially through the CSLB if they signed a contract with the arbitration clause in it that is found to be unconscionable.
      Again we encourage everyone to file a complaint with CSLB
      now that they have one complaint citation against them CSLB will be eager to investigate other complaints


  1. I’m looking for people that have problems with leaking, pooling, no slope…please contact us. Also anyone who used to work for wicr that can give insight as to where he gets his employees and what training if any they receive.


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