Yelp review of WICR Waterproofing Says It All!

“I would stay as far away from them as possible as they have horrible service, horrible communication, and do horrible work.”

Sean E is not a happy person after WICR worked on his condo.

We don’t blame him, sounds like many similar stories we’ve heard. All we can say is FILE YOUR COMPLAINT   WITH CSLB TODAY! Don’t delay.

The more people complain to CSLB, the quicker we can all help get the bastards license revoked. Do not let yourself be bullied by their lawyer. They talk shot a lot, but once you unleash CSLB on their ass, then they gotta fight CSLB. And CSLB loves dealing with their asshole lawyers. Irina knows all about it…

Read the review, take fair warning and run to some other company that isn’t, in my opinion, run by a piece of shit. Hi Dave, love you too man! Bald asshole.


Sean E Yelp review 2019



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