Catching Up With Mazor’s Non-Profit “Vascular Care Foundation”

Non-Profits are supposed to help people; at least, that’s the stated objective usually right?

The strange Non-Profit known as Vascular Care Foundation is apparently doing nothing at all, at least from what we can see by their tax returns at Pro Publica.

From 92128 Magazine, this fluff piece quotes one founder, Dr Anatoly Bulkin

Dr. Anatoly Bulkin is the founding VCF board member. “In 2014 I started the Vascular Care Foundation because the majority of patients we treat for vascular disease present with late stages of the disease,” reflected Dr. Bulkin. “Through our efforts we are able to find disease earlier and save people’s lives.” He was born in the Ukraine, moved to the states, and graduated from USC Medical School in 1993. He moved to Rancho Bernardo 12 years ago after training at Baylor College of Medicine. Here his family enjoys the open space and proximity to work and outdoor activities. Dr. Bulkin is a surgeon at the San Diego Vascular Center in Escondido.

And from Dr Moldovan “It is also our goal to raise money in order to be able to treat people with vascular problems that do not have the financial capability of obtaining the medical care they need,” added Dr. Moldovan. Approximately 95% of all donations go toward educating people about lifestyle changes and screening efforts. As the program grows VCF can pursue clinical research and advance pioneering technologies in early diagnosis and treatment.”

From the Foundations tax return from 2016, the last filing we can find, they’ve spent $0.00 on anything except expenses including $1695 in legal fees. Guess who their agent for service of process is? Irina Mazor, David Mazor’s wife. Care to take a guess on who probably got that legal fee? Yeah that’s mine too.

So from what we can see, there are zero expenses paid out towards their goal of treating people with Vascular problems.

More mysteriously, who gave the 50k donation and why isn’t that revealed on their tax return?

Who knows, but with no website active that I could find, (VCF did have a cheesy website up before, it still exists at the Way back Machines archives

and no information on the website anywhere, this operation stinks of a scammy dubious non-profit. We continue to watch for any information and certainly welcome the directors input on what their non-profit is doing exactly. 

With Mazor and Mazor at the helm, not likely we’ll find out. They like their secrets.

2016 expenses

2016 tax return officers

2016 tax return income and expenses

2 thoughts on “Catching Up With Mazor’s Non-Profit “Vascular Care Foundation””

  1. Wow! They REALLY are up to no good in a lot of ways. Its sad what people will do for money even when they have a lot already!


  2. D. Mazor has a “non-profit” Vascular Car Foundation that provides medical services ? Ironically, he does not provide Health Insurance for WICR employees, even though business tax incentives exist to assist employers of small companies with employee health insurance plans. Many small (under 50 employees) businesses provide robust medical/dental plans to their employees- which increases loyalty and job satisfaction.

    It appears as if he has all kinds of money for other business expenses, but none to invest in his employees’ well-being. Not a good look for a company.


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