WICR’s Sean Krubinski Sued For Causing Injuries to Other Driver in 2018 Accident

A lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court against Sean Krubinski and his wife Noel Davis in July of this year from an accident Krubinski allegedly caused in 2018. The suit asks for unspecified monetary damages to be proved at trial.

The suit alleges that Plaintiff Sarah Gile suffered personal injuries, medical expenses, property damage, wage loss and loss of earning capacity. Typically when a suit alleges loss of earning capacity, the person injured cannot return to work or to the job they performed before the accident.

The accident occurred in Diamond Bar where the plaintiff claims in her suit; “The defendant negligently drove his motor vehicle and collided with plaintiffs vehicle, causing plaintiffs injuries and damages.”

Interestingly Noel Davis is named as well as Does 1-50, which could be anything…but we wonder, was Sean in a WICR vehicle at the time of the crash? Was he intoxicated or high? Did Noel try to pretend she was driving instead of Sean? (probably not she already has a DUI on her record) These questions and more are being asked and we are waiting for answers.

Read the suit by clicking here

Meanwhile, this accident just adds to the lengthy record Krubinski has for driving offenses. Click the link above to see Seans list of driving offenses.

We’re hoping the plaintiff recovers and is healthy, and that Sean Krubinski loses his license, it seems he’s a real danger to other drivers on the road.

6 thoughts on “WICR’s Sean Krubinski Sued For Causing Injuries to Other Driver in 2018 Accident”

  1. David Mazor,
    You had a son who can’t stay away from trouble.
    You are liar, an a business man who is always in trials do to you lack of knowledge in the construction field.
    You are great fit for this Show AMERICAN GREED.
    and Sean Krubinski for INTERVENTION .
    No joke, seriously.
    No wonder why you got married with an attorney!
    You really need one 24/7.


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