Mark Marsch is a Fraud and Completely Useless to WICR Waterproofing & Construction- Judge Found he Has “Implicit Bias” See Why

While the proposed decision of the court after a bench trial in WICR v Arceneaux didn’t come out in financial favor for the Arceneaux’s, it did serve to bury Mark Marsch from ever again being thought of as credible when it comes to being a consultant or expert witness for WICR.

Mark Marsch’s use to David Mazor should be about over with the finding of him having “an implied bias in favor of Plaintiff”

It also taught me a lesson too, I won’t be working for anyone as a witness, even though my testimony was found credible, my bias towards WICR was found to be problematic to the Judge. Lesson is, work with clients in the background encouraging them to file complaints with CSLB. WICR clients reading this, don’t even waste time arguing with WICR, just file if you have problems. CSLB loves dealing with repeat offenders and metes out harsh penalties to them.

Anyway, back to Mark; he’s basically as good as done at WICR. While WICR’s attorney got the Judge to look at this website, the Judge probably also saw information about Mark Marsch that was troubling…his status as an owner of WICR and relationship with David Mazor. And the Judge also found that Marsch’s testimony that the deck was sloped was wrong.

Recently I dug up this old email from David who again is caught in a lie… In this email he tells me that Mark is more ethical than my left pinky… not sure what that means. David says that Mark never worked for him but clearly he has…

Lies lies and more lies. David Mazor is a consummate liar.

Most damning of all; the Judge found Marsch to have an “implied bias in favor of the plaintiff” (WICR/Mazor). Below is a screen shot from the proposed judgement

Even more troubling for Marsch is that any attorney researching opponents expert witnesses will see this information and be able to question Marsch’s ethics and impartiality. Time to put poor Mark out to pasture as his usefulness is over to WICR.

Congratulations Dave, your pride and arrogance have destroyed Mark Marsch’s name!

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