CSLB Moves Our Complaint Against Palm Springs Contractor WICR Waterproofing to Investigations

Recently we noticed that there was something weird about WICR’s corporate filings; they had 2 different listings that raised my suspicions.

I found a fictitious business statement filed years ago by Fred wenke and David krubinski registering WICR as a general partnership. But I also heard Steve Dolan on a podcast discussing that he was made an owner along with seeing a filing with Sean krubinski and Fred wanke filing a general partnership agreement and all this raised my suspicions…

So I gathered up all the evidence that I had including emails that David sent to WICR employees from his ICR account and directing business.

Steve Dolan potentially gave a deposition on a podcast without even realizing it… “So they made me an owner.” Well new owners require the company get a new license… As far as we know according to CSLB.

Also very helpful was the information from the Parex lawsuit that he filed. in there was a statement that said that David had been receiving a consulting fee from Fred since 1997 every month… Lots of stuff to raise suspicions with.

2 thoughts on “CSLB Moves Our Complaint Against Palm Springs Contractor WICR Waterproofing to Investigations”

  1. This is Jose Ortiz,
    To whom it my concern

    I do have on my possession documents, pay stubs and information on how this company conducts their business.
    Irina Mazor advice David M.
    On how to conduct his business and how far he can screw a subcontractor or employees in numerous ways..
    I was a witness
    Feel free to contact me.

    The Justice department is always working on behalf of the people!
    Not corporations

    Thanks Bill.


    1. I used some of those documents to send to CSLB to show Dave controlling day to day operations. Asking with checks from his accounts, not WICR.
      He and Irina think they’re smarter than everyone else.


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