Is David mazor a homophobe?

Homophobia-irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals

After testifying in a civil trial several months ago,against WICR’s resident expert Mark Marsch, I received this email from David Mazor AKA David Krubinski…he sounds drunk but more disturbingly, he starts in with references about my tiny pecker in someone’s mouth…calling this person my gay little buddy etc. Sounds pretty homeophobic to me…

Well David, in this day and age, homophobes are not cool at all and they get their shit called out.

See, I have family and friends that are LGBTQ and I love them all. You are a piece of shit garbage human being despite professing to be “Jewish”. You are a disgrace to Jews.

You can call me faggot, queer, reference me or someone else performing oral sex; whatever makes you feel better Dave, but don’t expect me to be quiet about it or let it slide. If we run into each other again, expect me to say in a very loud voice while looking directly at you that you are a homophobe in my opinion.

I know I don’t do business with bigots, do you? Readers, join me in stamping out bigots from the waterproofing profession.

Here’s Dave’s email to me verbatim. Pass it around to everyone you know.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: WICR INC <>
Date: Jul 7, 2020 3:22 PM
Subject: Thought I would reach out.


Hope all is well with you and your wife and hope your entire family is safe?

I was a bit bored and in between making my next billion dollars, therefore I thought I would take a moment of my precious time and reach out because I know you are sitting at home watching cartoons or trolling me.   

I am amused and perplexed.  Since 2005 (16 Years) you have been trolling me, threatening me and my family, conjuring up lies, stories and innuendos and attacking everyone who is associated with WICR.   I say I am amused because in the last 16 years you have shown to have an very unhealthy admiration and infatuation of me and do not realize the damage you caused to your own credibility and reputation by attacking me and others.  In fact, I will be honest, your wiki site (very funny) is really amusing and helps me land more work because people realize how ridiculous your claims are.  (MAKE UP YOUR MIND DAVE either I’m slandering you or making you money, it can’t be both) When I tell people you are simply troubled competitor,  they immediately see the connection between your metal illness and your wiki web site.   You also have to admit, its pretty weird that you would dedicate your entire life to your infatuation of me by creating your wiki site and trolling me every day!   On top of all your other efforts, you spent no less than 40 hours driving back and forth from SLO  to San Bernardino to court, then sitting in court for at least 10 hours,  all in an effort to spend time with me, which earned you $6.00 per hour.   I would say the judge in this case was 100% on the mark when he stated on the record, you are a disturbed individual!   In fact, isn’t it true, this is the second judge to go on record and state you are a disturbed individual?   By the way, did you ever wonder why I subpoenaed you and your gay little buddy Jose?   Think about it….   Kind of funny that you fell for it, don’t you think!

I say I am perplexed because your behaviors and actions are not at all in line with anyone expecting to be seen or respected as an expert or professional and yet you know this????    I know…, you will parse my statements and post only what satisfies your disturbing fetishes, however to be clear, in my opinion, you are a very capable expert and deserve to be in the industry as an expert, and more so to be heard and respected as an expert because you make great points when it comes to our industry and people with your abilities are desperately needed in the coatings industry;  however it’s also abundantly clear you don’t see the damage you do to your own character and professional standings within the community with all the stupid and disturbing assaults and attacks on me and others who have had arguments with you.   Do you even realize the people who have a need for a professional expert see your absurd postings and all the hate you spew and the arguments you get into with others?    Certainly anyone with any sense would run the other way and its quite apparent they do run because you don’t have any work and have never built a successful business as an expert or an installer. In fact, you can’t even hold onto to a job.  Doesn’t that bother you?    I do admit on the “very rare occasion” an equally disturbed and unhappy client will contact you only to use you as a sounding board for their grievances, but then as predictable as you are, you shoot yourself in the foot and send text messages and hate email to people who cannot do anything to help you feel better about yourself.   Yes, my employee sent me your text and then blocked you because he knows you are simply filled with so much hate and anger that you cannot resist.  I told him we would just put this text in our catalogue for posting on Wiki-…  Coming to your local internet provider and desk top very soon.

I also find it very odd, in the last 16 years, you have not created your own successful business but feel the need to tear down anyone who is successful.  As we know, your creator (God or Satin) gave you one shot at life and you are certainly intelligent enough to know that every second of your life spent on trolling me and others or attacking us, is simply a second off your life, not mine.  I will enjoy every moment of my life and when I get to the point of retirement, will enjoy an incredible life while you struggle to make ends meet on welfare and Social Security (after you pay the mounds of tax debts you have and presuming there is SS when you retire, if you can retire)).  

Regarding your gay little buddy Jose.  If you did not hear the recording, you should listen carefully because he was caught by the Law Judge lying.  For this reason the Unemployment department denied his claims.  But hey, as long as he has your tiny pecker in his mouth, he is happy camper and evidently extremely happy to give you untrue disparaging information, although its obvious he cannot speak for himself.. (ha, ha…  pun intended).  Lastly, don’t you think if I really did all those terrible things the two of you claim, one of you could have proved these ridiculous claims after 9 years, especially with all your absurd attempts to attack with lies and innuendos?   Tick Tock another second off your clock, wasted for no reason other than a disturbing fascination you have with me.        

Keep posting as its quite amusing and really does help me bring in business.  Also keep researching as much as possible about me and my company  WICR, just like you did when you found that I forgot to pay a Corporation Fee in Nevada.  You saved me a nice late payment and I did not have to pay a staff member to do the research, you did it for free….  Now how is that for making a buck?    All in all, you are certainly an asset to me and I especially get a kick out of watching you waste your time trolling me vs. being my competitor in the real world of business.

I see that you are trying to become a Deck Inspector.  How’s that going for you????  

Take care Bill and be safe.      

David Mazor, President

WICR Waterproofing & Construction, Inc.

Office: 888-388-9427

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One thought on “Is David mazor a homophobe?”

  1. Hey Bill,
    Such a good remark and it shows the mentality and feelings towards others from David Mazor.
    No wonder why Sean Krubinski is so afraid to come out the closet.
    You had a gay son so it’s time to get closer to him!
    Stop rejecting his inclination towards the same sex.
    He was born that way David!
    Love him…


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