Irina Mazor of  Lindborg & Mazor llp was accused of being uncredible, making slanderous statements &  witness tampering in Krubinski-Mazor v Parex LaHabra, Peter Lindborg Implicated Too

For instance, you don’t appear at Parex offices unannounced with your client and unfilled lawsuits in hand threatening to file them and demanding “blood” , apparently, according to a court filing (see below) demanding an immediate payoff. That’s called intimidation Peter Lindborg and Irina Mazor…and the word Grifters again floats to the top of my mind.

What you don’t do, without a shred of evidence, is accuse opposing counsel of knowing about or orchestrating a “burglary” of your clients office or the office of a “3rd party witness” or allude that your clients mailbox was “rifled” after their deposition where they said they received business mail. 

No one I’ve talked to in the legal field has ever seen anything like this…

Opposing counsel of Lindborg & Drill don’t expect letters from you Irina, basically saying, without saying it,( that a highly reputable firm with credentials and reputation that is so far above yours), caused robberies to be done, supposedly only stealing documents critical to the case. You make lawyers look bad Irina by being at the least unethical, and at worst a witness tamperer. Just the inference that you have tampered with witnesses and even worse, oppossing counsel being forced to file a motion for monetary sanctions saying you have, well that scarlet stain is on you permanently.

We have a near 3 hour long tape of Mario Ramirez discussing WICR… Here we are dropping another sampling down on ya.   you can listen at this link.  It will open on a new page.  There’s a lot that Mario drops on this tape and a copy has been provided to CSLB for that complaint I filed against you…Mario talks a lot btw.

As to you Peter Lindborg; is Irina the type of attorney you want to be associated with? I asked several attorneys I know if they ever have seen such a letter of reprimand from opposing counsel or motions like these below filed in court. Never was their unanimous answer. 

If you saw that from someone in your firm what would happen I asked? They would be terminated…again unanimous.  I am not a lawyer, but it appears Peter may be in breach of Rule 1.7 C1 on any matters pertaining to WICR, David Mazor, Mark Marsch etc.

Irina may have issues of her own…at any rate the American Bar Association has this to say about misconduct- “Misconduct by a lawyer whenever it occurs reflects upon the lawyer’s fitness.” We agree. And with the information below that Peter Lindborg now representing David Mazors ex-wife, he appears to be Implicated as well on witness tampering…

With Lindborg repenting Carl krubinski, he becomes Implicated in the accusation of witnesses tampering too.

And so everyone clearly understands; Peter Lindborg represents WICR on most matters these days, and will not tell you that his partner Irina Mazor is married to WICR Waterproofing’s owner David Mazor. If you are considering litigation against WICR then carefully read the documents under Mazor-Krubinski vs Parex LaHabra. Their game is to stretch things out for years and cost you a lot of money. Don’t play their game.

Instead of that, in many cases, if you are having problems with WICR, your easiest  resolution will come about by filing a complaint against them with the CSLB and letting them handle the investigation. WICR already has a letter of admonishment on their Complaint Disclosure at their license listing. More complaints will trigger closer examination of complaints.

Let WICR’s attorneys fight the State Attorney General’s office as they represent CSLB in any legal matters. Make sure you claim all costs for the original work, costs of investigation/attorney, costs to repair. Inquire with your counsel on those matters.  Meantime, take a look at the legal filings and letters that were filed in the case. As a honorable, ethical professional, you’ll be horrified as I am.  I can’t believe opposing counsel didn’t file a complaint with the State Bar over this.

When your opposing counsel says you have no credibility…


Seriously Irina? Have you no shame?
When did you actually have the nerve to write such a letter as this? Did you know about the robbery ahead of time Irina? Inquiring minds want to know.
When a filing has to say they think you are witness tampering as opposing counsel…you might rethink your morals and ethics
Did David Mazor AKA David Krubinski commit perjury or robbery or both? I guess both….

Dear Dave, Peter and Irina,                       I’ll bet you all thought it a great joke to send that letter to my employer didn’t you? True to form you use extortion disguised as threat to bring a lawsuit if you aren’t paid 500K for “damages” to WICR?  Well guess what? It might be if you all didn’t have issues that need unearthing and I can cost you a whole lot more than you can cost me.  I have emails from David saying this website actually brings him business but your letter says it’s hurting WICR. Which is it? You can’t have both. Remember that line from the Parex lawsuit? You scum always want it both ways  But your firm and the client you represent have made a Faustian bargain…and sitting in that courtroom in San Bernardino across from you and David, I could see it written on your face how you know what you’ve become, a patsy serving David every command. For gods sake find some courage man. Do what’s right.

You and Irina tried to extort Parex La-Habra and that folded like a wet paper bag on you…smarter lawyers than you destroyed David in his deposition and there was no way you could put him in the chair again…Parex’ lawyers smelled blood in the water.

Did you or Irina know about this robbery at WICR and David’s office? It seems way to coincidental doesn’t it? And then Irina actually has the gall to accuse the opposing side of the crime? We heard that Mario stored boxes containing Mer-Kote information at his house and later on moved them to Palm Springs. What we don’t know is who organized the crime and was there a conspiracy to commit the crime and make a false police report? Who would be involved with such a conspiracy if it existed? Who would have innocent people become involved in the crime if it existed? We’ve heard those “stolen” boxes were stored at Mario’s house before being moved to a storage unit…

When opposing counsel and prospective clients see this information about your friends unsavory behavior, bwhat might that cost be when clients evaporate Peter? Opposing counsel is going to embarrass you, maybe seek to get you taken off a huge case, perform deeper investigations on your client and you, use these documents against you. You all know that game dontcha? I’m guessing you will lose half a million in income in 2021. Maybe more who knows.

I think I’ll also send it to the CA Bar Association for their perusal… Might not go anywhere but it might.

Lesson to you 3 idiots-there are always unintended consequences to your actions. Hit me, I hit back harder. Cheers! Have fun explaining away all this to everyone who asks…

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