WICR’s Lack of Self Awareness IS HILARIOUS

WICR maintains a blog connected to their website; who ever is writing it is demonstrating a hilarious complete lack of self awareness in their latest post titled “WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN CHOOSING DECKING COMPANIES“.

“Read reviews, licensing and recommendations. “

If we look at Yelp, I see reviews start or end with “I wish I read the reviews before I hired them”… if we look up David Mazor’s license by name search at CSLB, we see that David has a complaint disclosure on his license under “David Mazor” and a second seperate complaint disclosure on WICR’s license. https://cslb.ca.gov/OnlineServices/CheckLicenseII/PersonnelLicenseList.aspx?SeqNumber=619815&PersName=MAZOR,%20DAVID%20LEON

“You should know that communication between contractor and yourself is critical. So, it is important that he or she can get some sense of what you are expecting from him or her.”

Umm, I think it’s the contractors job to convey what the customer can expect of you…with an honest contract number one. (Read our page why you shouldn’t sign WICR’s contract here https://wicrleaks.com/deconstructing-wicr-waterproofings-contract-why-you-shouldnt-sign-it/

Changes must be documented. If there are agreed-upon or recorded changes on the project, you should take time to record them. Doing this will protect both you and the deck builder. The implications of such changes can either be aesthetic or financial in nature. Thus, you must always be able to discuss the decision you have made. It is not wise to find out one day that the small modification can mean a difference in cost.”

Hello McFly…you as the contractor must keep track of change orders, and put all of them in writing, signed, before proceeding, with the total cost or credit to the customer. Changes in work without a change order is unenforceable to bill for. But remember, you aren’t signing WICR’s contract or hiring them anyway right?

“Strive to be a good customer. Decision-making is important for any project. So, you must do so in a timely fashion. At the same time, never fail to make payments on time.The crew deserves your friendly approach and considerate behavior. If possible, provide some refreshments and offer a restroom for them to use. Overall, when looking for decking companies to build your deck, make sure that you do everything right. Look for the right person for the project, ask important questions, and communicate effectively.”

Well it took me 10 minutes to pick myself off the floor from nearly dying while laughing and spitting coffee out of my nose after reading that line…

So yes, strive to be a good customer, but don’t be a patsy and let WICR walk all over you if you’ve hired them. You don’t have to accept their change orders for work, you can hire another contractor to do framing or railings if WICR’s prices seem high.

You don’t need to provide refreshments or a bathroom. Hey WICR, it costs 90 a month to rent a Porta Potty. Why do customers need to have your people in their home? Dusty, dirty from working….umm Nooooo!

Strive to be a good contractor WICR and this website won’t have much reason to exist would it?

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