Devastating Reviews of WICR Waterproofing and Construction From Yelp! & Google… And now WICR is threatening it’s reviewers with suits!

All these reviews are found on Google reviews and Yelp! On Yelp be sure to scroll down to find reviews not currently recommended to see many hidden reviews.

We have a reader who posted a review telling us that their contract has a clause in it that there is a $10,000 penalty for leaving a bad review on Yelp. They said they received a demand letter to remove the review or else they would be sued. WICR may sue, but you can probably prevail given that consumers have rights to review and criticize businesses.

So that readers are aware and know their rights there is a “right to review law” in California. Part of this law makes it illegal to insert clauses in a contract that fines or otherwise penalizes a consumer for writing reviews on Yelp!, Google, Angie’s List etc. Known as the Yelp right to review law from a Utah case, this law gives consumers a way to fight back against unscrupulous companies like WICR. If you receive a demand letter because you wrote a Yelp review… File a complaint with the CSLB and send them a copy of your illegal contract… And while you’re at it you may want to file a complaint with the attorney general’s office as well. Do not let WICR’s attorneys letter threatening you with mayhem deter you. You can file a complaint with the State Bar that a licensed attorney is attempting to sue over an illegal clause. I don’t think the state bar will like that to much.

Take heed…
Take the advice and run the other way.
Know your rights and fight back against WICR!
Do not take WICR’s lawyers seriously, if they wrote The contract that includes these illegal clauses then they have a big problem with the state bar because writing illegal clauses in a contract for a client is against state bar rules and laws. File a complaint against Peter Lindborg online at the State bar website.

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