Readers, We Are Asking For Your Help!

W i c r leaks has been sued by w i c r.

Reputation Defender can’t protect you against the truth.

One of the things that they are asking for in addition to a million dollars in damages for allegedly smearing them in libeling them, Is removal of this website.

In a previous hearing we were encouraged to get a ruling from a judge that denied their request to remove the website or to prevent me from posting or publishing information about WICR or in filing complaints with the CSLB or the State bar against their attorneys.

What I’m asking from you is to leave in the comments below how we’ve helped you as you’ve done your research on companies that you may be considering hiring for your waterproofing needs. Did you find this website useful? Tell us how.

I appreciate your support by making comments below in support of this website.

Please note, be sure to use an alias instead of your real name. WICR’S lawyer will probably threaten you if you use your real name.

Tell Us Your Opinion!

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