We just got an email that blows up WICR’s claim that caused them to lose a 50K contract. In our lawsuit that we are defending against WICR, they claimed we have caused them to lose business. Maybe, but that’s only because consumers, when they have full access to all information, can make good decisions.

The email that was sent to WICR

I emailed the WICR client after noticing that WICR’s lawyers didn’t do a good job of redacting his email address and asked him why they decided to not do business with WICR. The answer is revealing, and one that every WICR client should take to heart and run away from this firm.

Good afternoon XXXXX,
I got your information from a WICR document in a court filing (they, XXXX  that is) who is suing me for a million… He really hates 
W i c r presented as “evidence” your short email from December 9th claiming because of my website he lost a 50k contract. 
To me a plain reading of your email appears to be a goodbye and good riddance to an asshole letter…
Wondering if you could comment on your intent as I’d like to use that in my defense against WICR and XXXXXX. 
I attached a copy of your email for review. Your certainly did dodge a bullet passing on wicr as your contractor. 
PS I’ve done work in the past for xxxxxx up here in shell beach…
Thank you Bill Leys

The client’s reply-


We passed on WICR because their contract protected only them and not us.  WICR played a bait and switch with their initial minimal page proposal and their “war and peace” length final contract.  When they sent over their final contract we decided to forgo working with them as it had so many pages of legalese protecting them from any liability and giving us no recourse if the job was not properly performed.  It was because of the contract, the lack of guarantee for the waterproofing and the odd way Mr. XXXXX communicated that I informed him we would not be contracting his services.

After this decision was made, and because of the red flags raised by the contract, I started researching WICR on the internet.  First on the CSLB and then on your site . The information I found on the CSLB was all I needed to confirm WICR was not a company with which I wanted to do business.   The information found on your site was just additional confirmation of my initial perception from their contract that WICR was quite familiar with litigation and that we had already made the correct decision in not working with them.  Your site did not influence my decision, it was only a small bit of information with the CSLB being the main red flag besides the contract verbiage that confirmed my decision was the correct one.  WICR’s contract was the deal breaker and I told Mr. XXXXX that more than once.  So now WICR is involved in litigation with you.  No surprise to me at all.”

Run, don’t walk away from WICR.

As to Peter Lindborg and his client-see you in court you lying pieces of shit.

“If it can be destroyed by the truth, it deserves to be destroyed by the truth.”  Commencing Operation Destroy in 3, 2, 1….

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