The Proof of the Fraud Perpetrated By David Mazor, Peter Lindborg and Irina Mazor on The LA Superior Court In Their Quest to Shut Bill Leys Up About Their Grifting Ways

Coming this week is my story of the fraud committed by David Mazor and his grifting attorneys Irina Mazor and Peter Lindborg of Lindborg& Mazor LLP against Bill Leys and the Los Angeles Superior Court in their quest to shut me upb from speaking the truth. Feel free to download my motion to vacate the default judgment that they got against me due to their fraud. In this document I provide the prima facie evidence of David Mazor committing perjury, producing forged documents and getting caught, being in the unreliable and generally incredible witness which means the judge didn’t believe any of his bullshit… Peter Lindborg and Irina Mazor’s failure to tell the court or their client that they know he is lying under oath and failing to withdraw as his counsel. Why aren’t they withdrawing simple because I have caught them in their own bullshit lies. Look at our website and see what Irina Mazor in particular had been accused of by opposing counsel… Witness tampering causing witnesses to secrete themselves being unreliable unethical and more. Nothing surprising coming out of this group.

David Mazor has accused me, Bill Leys, of forging an email to make him look like he made homophobic statements… He is using the same old stale playbook from 1998 and I’ve caught him!
David Mazor declaration that I forged a document… The irony is rich. We have the metadata that shows the email that contains the homophobic language came direct from WICR’s server.

Worse yet is the fact that Peter Lindborg knew that David was signing a declaration falsely and allowed him to continue… Apparently without advising him that he should not sign a false statement or withdraw from the case. How do I know Peter knew? Because the homophobic emailed at David sent me on July 7th 2020 was forwarded to Peter on July 10th saying your client is now sending me homophobic emails…

The declarations signed under penalty of perjury that are false, the accusations I forged an email to make it look like David Mazor is a homophobe (he is), the sworn declaration that he lost a 50k contract because of this website, all false and all done with his attorneys knowledge that it’s false… All this and more is being published this week.

The Court order David Mazor obtained under a default judgement was obtained fraudulently, and on October 29 2021, Bill Leys will show the Court that David Mazor is a liar, forger, and pergures himself in sworn statements and I will show the Court of Lindborg and Mazor LLP’s complicity in the fraud upon the Court myself, Bill Leys.

This is the first page of David mazor’s email with his homophobic references to oral sex. David’s MO is to accuse others of forgery when he is the one in fact forging documents.
Page two of David’s email with the homophobic language and telling me that I am really an asset to his business… If that’s the case why is he suing me for damaging his business? Apparently he believes I am damaging his business so he’s lying when he says I’m an asset… If David’s lips are moving he’s lying.
Page three with a signature and the WICR logo. Hey Peter and David All you need to do is produce David’s laptop and I will produce mine in front of the judge and show her the email from David sent box and my inbox. You’ll never do that because you know that you forged the email that you are trying to say was what you actually sent. You’re a fucking liar and I caught you again motherfucker.

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