WICR’s Lien History From LevelSet.com

While researching WICR Waterproofing & Construction via Google search, I found Levelset.com with this very interesting list of WICR clients that have liens recorded against their property for not paying.  Click here to see the list https://www.levelset.com/subcontractors/california/cathedral-city/roofers/wicr-waterproofing-construction/job-history/

Now normally a non-paying customer is limited to 1 maybe 2 at a time…for whatever reason. WICR’s list of liens  recorded against their clients property shows 16 different liens totalling apx $449,173.00 in value.   I know from myresearch that several properties listed are embroiled in lawsuits over Construction Defects allegedly caused by WICR and are awaiting adjudication through the Courts.

However, as a potential client of WICR, one should review carefully before selecting WICR and ask yourself, why do they have so many unpaid debts from their clients? One or two I could see, but 16 clients who aren’t paying? There’s a pattern here…

Our recommendation, look elsewhere for a waterproofing company, there’s tons that are reputable, do great work and don’t have a list of 16 liens against their clients. In my experience, I never once had to file a mechanics lien on anyone ever when I was contracting.

Liens as listed at Levelset.com 

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