David Krubinski Mazor vs WICR/MWA Contracting-We Have Questions!

WICRleaks has documentation that David Mazor has been a hidden owner of WICR, with Fred Wanke as the license holder. Since 1997 when WICR was registered as a general partnership in Riverside County, David Mazor allegedly ran the operation, hidden behind Fred…so it was with great curiosity I had to review the lawsuit brought by David (Krubinski) Mazor and his then wife Carol against WICR & MWA Contracting, a joint venture between Fred Wanke and Marvin Agnew Jr. . Joint venture licenses are issued by CSLB to licensees who hold contractors licenses in different trade classifications.

WICR/MWA Contracting relationship began in February 2002 and the CSLB license was cancelled or expired in May of 2003. The only job the entity performed was building a home for David Mazor (Krubinski) and his now ex-wife Carol at 6990 Stellar Drive Rancho Mirage CA.

Marvin Agnew ran the job and got the house built, using various sub-contractors. Shortly after the house was built, David Mazor filed a lawsuit in Riverside County against WICR/MWA for alleged construction defects. Riverside Superior Court case # INC052479. They also named DEW Roofing, Premier Mechanical Services, Inc, Charles Scicli Plumbing, Therieau Construction & Murdica Custom Concrete as defendants.

I spoke with one sub-contractor who was sued; he asked to remain anonymous. His comments were that David was “your buddy” when the job was going along and said nothing during construction/installation of his work but turned into a “dick” when he started agitating about the subs completed work and made unreasonable demands. Several other subs were unreachable or didn’t remember the case.

The defense of WICR/Marvin Agnew aka WICR & MWA Contracting was handled by Attorney Joseph Roman (now deceased). This is interesting as Roman was the Agent for Service of Process for WICR starting in November of 1997. See the SOS listing here https://businesssearch.sos.ca.gov/Document/RetrievePDF?Id=02035745-4640199 and Roman was also Mazor’s agent for Nevada Coating Systems. I find it difficult to believe that Roman wouldn’t know that David Mazor Krubinski was a silent owner/partner with Fred Wanke.

I reached out to Mr. Agnew but was unable to speak with him. The person who answered the phone said he wasn’t well and was still extremely upset about the suit. The Court record doesn’t have a lot in it, the companies appear to have all settled without going to trial.

However, I have questions and I think it’s important to get answers.

Did David Mazor and Fred Wanke conspire to set up Marvin Agnew and the sub -contractors in order to allow Mazor to extract settlements from them to reduce Mazor’s building costs?

Did David disclose he was an owner of WICR to the subs or to Marvin Agnew?

Did Joseph A Roman, as agent for service of process for WICR know that David Mazor Krubinski was the real owner of WICR and that Fred Wanke was just a shill? If Roman knew David was in the background and continued to represent Fred and Marvin Agnew, did that violate any ethical or legal boundaries?

Who were the “experts” behind Mazor that might have written reports favorable to extracting a settlement? We know Mazor has used Mark Marsch as an “expert” in past legal matters and we know Marsch left his reputation in tatters when he was busted at a trial last year in Riverside County Superior Court.

Knowing what I know about Mazor’s past history of lying, hiding his association with WICR and all the rest, it’s my opinion that Marvin Agnew and the rest got set up and named in the lawsuit to try to extract settlements from them to reduce the costs of building the house and Fred was a willing stool pigeon that went along with the grift.

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