I Know. Raffi Is In Trouble and So Is David Mazor of Deck Inspector Inc

Raffi Abkarian is a civil engineer. Not a structural engineer. David Mazor knows the law, he writes about it on his website, yet here he is, cheating again.

(b) (1) At least once every nine years, the board of an association of a condominium project shall cause a reasonably competent and diligent visual inspection to be conducted by a licensed STRUCTURAL ENGINEER or architect of a random and statistically significant sample of exterior elevated elements for which the association has maintenance or repair responsibility.

Wrong license number is listed- is that deliberate? Suspiciously Raffi only lists himself as “engineer”. Trying to avoid raising suspicion Raffi? Tsk tsk
Turns out Raffi is a civil engineer signing deck inspection reports.
Civil engineers can’t inspect decks under the balcony bill. Raffi may have big problems ahead of him.
Sent a complaint to the board about Raffi and Dave. Tick tock.

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