February 6th was a bad day for Sean Krubinski and his wife Noel David. At 3:10 pm it sounds like Sean was at his home in Chino Hills CA when a process server was able to serve him with the lawsuit filed by Sarah Giles for personal injury’s caused by a motor vehicle accident where Sean and Noel were in the car. It’s not clear who was driving at the time. On the same day Noel Brianna Davis was served via substituted service at the same address. The motor vehicle accident in question happened on July 25th 2018 at approximately 11:00 a.m. and diamond bar California according to the complaint filed by Giles. The complaint alleges that the defendant negligently drove his motor vehicle and collided with plaintiff’s vehicle, causing plaintiffs injuries and damages.

The lawsuit also names Does 1 through 50 who may have employed the persons who operated the motor vehicle in the course of their employment as well as alleging that the defendants who were agents and employees of the other defendants enacted within the scope of the agency were and it names Does 1 through 50. This would likely be WICR and David Mazor. If Mazor gave a company vehicle to his son, who he knows has a history of drug and alcohol abuse as well as speeding and other motor vehicle violations, he and WICR jointly could be held civilly liable for damages and injuries suffered by Ms. Giles.

David would richly deserve a money judgement against him for damages.

First page of 3 proof of service on Sean Krubinski.

I do know that Noel Davis pleaded Nolo Contendere on 2 charges in September of 2019, one charge of violating Motor Vehicle Code 20002(a) For apparently failing to report or stop for a motor vehicle accident? She was also charged and convicted of driving a vehicle without an interlock device when she was required to have an interlock device on any vehicle she was behind the wheel of.

The second charge she pleaded Nolo to in 2019 is very serious as well, violation of 23247(e) which covers violations of using an ignition interlock device. Such violations can include operating a vehicle that is not equipped with a functioning interlock device blowing into an ignition interlock device for the purpose of providing an operable motor vehicle to a person who’s driving privileges is restricted requesting or soliciting another person to blow into an interlock device or start a motor vehicle equipped with the device for the purpose of providing an operable motor vehicle to a person who’s driving privileges are restricted. It’s not clear if these charges were a result of the accident with Sarah Giles.

A third charge of violating 12500(a) was dismissed or not prosecuted on the same matter. That code involves lack of a driver’s license. I do know that Noel had a DUI conviction from approximately 2014.

Noel Davis pleaded Nolo Contendere to 2 serious charges in 2019.

I also know that Sean Krubinski has a past history of driving drunk (arrested twice and convicted twice for DUI) and being in possession of an open container. I certainly hope that this case will bring great financial pain to these defendants who apparently all to willingly abuse alcohol and drugs and feel free to drive under the influence, much to the detriment of fellow drivers. I do not know the extent of injuries and damages to the plaintiff and I certainly hope that she has recovered from the trauma of the accident.

Sean and Noel do us all a favor and get out from behind the wheel of a vehicle, We all want to go home alive and safe to our loved ones and you are endangering us all.

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