WICR Foreman Ernie Perez Basically Admits WICR Performed Structural Repairs Out of Class, While WICR Lied to CSLB That They Didn’t Back In 2013

The problem with liars like David Mazor and his enablers is that they can’t keep their lies from being discovered. Today’s example is sourced from exhibits that WICR themselves submitted to bolster their claim in a small claims case from several years ago in San Bernardino.

In 2013, when David Mazor didn’t own WICR (bad joke, he did own WICR and we have evidence that he was running everything behind the scenes while Fred was the figurehead out in front but was nothing but a straw man), a foreman for WICR, named Ernie Perez, wrote an email in January 2013 regarding an employee of WICR. In that email he states that they were using the employee for structural repair jobs and completing the job from beginning to end. This is interesting because at that time WICR only held a C license as a painter and could not perform structural repairs.

Ernie in his email admits that they were using Jose on structural repair jobs in 2013 when they were not licensed to perform general contracting work.

Fast forward to August 13th 2013 and we have a copy of an email from Marina Hughes to David@ICR-services.com (my question is is why would David be getting this email if Fred is the owner of WICR?. Answer, because they are all liars,v David has always been the owner.)

Marina states that she received a call from the contractor state license board about getting verification of experience for a license application… The employee applying for a license stated that he had done general contracting work slash structural repairs while employed with WICR. The investigator wanted to know how he could have general contractor experience if WICR wasn’t a general contractor…

The short answer is they weren’t a licensed general contractor but they performed structural repairs despite being out of class.

Of course WICR denied that the employee had done any structural repairs or general contracting type work while employed with WICR.

However with the Ernie Perez email it certainly points to the likelihood that once again WICR and David Mazor are lying. While this goes back to 2013 it continues to hammer home my point that David and WICR are not to be trusted ever.

It is unfortunate that CSLB probably cannot go back and reopen this matter, as it appears again that WICR and David Mazor committed fraud. Once again we cannot stress enough to stay away from WICR and do business with more reputable companies.

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