Fan Mail

I love to get fan mail and hear from people regarding and how it’s helped save them from making a mistake. Today’s fan mail came from one of my industry peers who shall remain anonymous…

Ending his email with “Keep up the good fight!” our fan also wrote this “I’ve been reading your articles about the issues with WICR and Deck Inspectors Inc. and I applaud you for the effort to expose some of the misdoings that can prove quite disasterous to the unknowing.”

To which I say thank you sir for your email and your email confirms that I’m doing the right thing, shining a light into the dark holes of David Mazor’s greed and grift through Deck Inspectors Inc and WICR Waterproofing.

One thought on “Fan Mail”

  1. Hey Bill,
    I wonder who was the Engineer for the project named Seacliff Master Series located in Huntington Beach.

    The only person who we saw on site talking with the city inspectors and the HOA representatives was the current owner of WICR

    I wonder who is the Engineer who submitted and signed all documents for this particular project.

    WICR has not the interests to pay a licensed Engineer to go and inspect a balcony remodel.

    If the city of Huntington Beach decides to take apart a balcony for the mentioned project, they will find numerous code violations
    Wall anchors switched for deck screws.
    Plywood partial sheets changed for plywood scraps

    They hire undocumented workers for this project Albaro and his cousins got hired in Home Depot HB.

    I have over 500 pictures to prove my argument.

    I will be more than happy to share all information need it if someone opens a claim or an investigation.

    Jose P. Ortiz


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