We’re Investigating- Has Your Association Received A “Re-Issued Balcony Inspection Report” From Deck Inspectors Inc.?

I recently received information from an anonymous source who told me that their association has received a reissued report under SB 326 for balcony inspections at his HOA. We understand that in correspondence from the association to it’s members that it says something to the effect that the report has been reissued with the signature of the architect who performed the inspections as the initial report was inadvertently signed by a different engineer.

What kind of competent engineer inadvertently signs a report that he shouldn’t have? Answer, none.

If you are like me you will find this very suspicious. I queried several engineers and other professionals who have to sign off on documents… And I asked is it possible for you to sign a report that you weren’t meant to sign? Answer was a resounding no because every one of them told me that before they sign anything that they haven’t written but have to sign off on that they read it thoroughly and ensure that it is a report that they can sign. Most said that they prefer to write their own document and sign their own document.

What this says to me is that the engineer in question, Raffi Abkarian, maybe incompetent. How does a civil engineer inadvertently sign a report that says SB326? I call bullshit on David Mazor and Raffi Abkarian. Raffi didn’t inadvertently sign a report, He got caught signing a report he had no business signing and I say David Mazor and he knew it.

If I were Raffi, I would think very carefully about the fact that I could lose my license. One report “inadvertently” signed might just get you some discipline but if it were found out that other SB 326 reports are out there with your signature… Well that would be a big problem for you. I think the way to solve that at, least if it were me, would be to tell the board of professional engineers right up front about every SB 326 report you signed for David Mazor and you negotiate to keep your license but accept some discipline and in return you’ll testify against David. Raffi if you’re reading this, you really should consider your options. Because I will advocate that you lose your license for this one offense but if you step forward and cooperate I will advocate that you are able to keep your license and accept some discipline. Deal? Rat David out. Because trust me Raffi when it comes to dirt bags you haven’t met a dirtbag like David Mazor until he is in a corner. He will throw you under the bus in a heartbeat. Don’t be David’s fall guy.

What I am looking for is for any associations who may have received a report from deck inspectors with Raffi Abkarian signature and then subsequently received a reissued report for this type of reason… That their report was inadvertently signed. If you have received a reissued report we would like to hear from you. I don’t believe that this was an inadvertent thing, I believe that David Mazor and Raffi Abkarian may have conspired together to provide Abkarian signed reports to associations that are fraudulent.

Here we see Raffi Abkarian’s signature on the report. He is acknowledging that he performed the work. There is no inadvertent accidental signing of this report imo. I believe that they are lying through their teeth.

To that end I have submitted a complaint to the Board of Professional Engineers about Abkarian and in emails to them I expressed my concerns that there are other associations that have been victimized by deck inspectors inc. My belief is if there’s one there’s many others. David is a grifter and will commit fraud as long as can get away with it. Not on my watch.

If you have in fact received a reissued report with correspondence from deck inspectors I would love to see a copy of the letter you received. I would also encourage you to send in a complaint against Abkarian to the board of professional engineers. If there is evidence of other associations having received reissued reports after Abkarian signed the first report, I believe that the office of the attorney general needs to be involved to investigate.

In short if you have a deck inspectors report for your HOA that is signed by Raffi Abkarian your HOA has a invalid report and you should pursue all legal avenues against David Mazor, Raffi Abkarian and their shell corporations. In my opinion David Mazor is the most dangerous contractor and inspector in the waterproofing industry and inspection industry in California. And he must be stopped.

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