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David Mazor-Krubinski V Parex LaHabra 2007 Lawsuit

We have many of the documents filed during a lawsuit David Mazor filed against Parex-LaHabra after he was discharged from the firm after they took over Mer-Kote Systems. There are tons of filings, many hundreds of pages long, one is 1700+ pages, the second amended complaint filed by Krubinski.

These filing provide a great insight into Dave’s activities and involvement with WICR, indeed, one highlight as seen below is that Krubinsk was and may still be been a partner of Fred Wanke’s since 1997 and received monthly consulting fees every month since 1997.

Another highlight is the inference that Irina Drill (now Irina Mazor) may have tampered with witnesses.

Despite David Krubinski David Mazor and his company ICR Services sued Parex, Dave didn’t seem to want to submit to a deposition and neither did Fred…wonder why? The defense attorney opined in one email or filing that it seemed that David had no intention of going to a trial, instead he sought to bully, threaten and delay everything in hopes of extracting a settlement.

Shockingly as well, Drill accuses the defense attorney of perhaps orchestrating a break in of WICR’s offices as well as David Mazor, in which the only things taken were documents belonging to Parex…

Head on over to our All of WICR’s Litigation page and I’ll be posting all the documents I have downloaded there for viewing and your reading pleasure.

Mark Marsch is Now Useless to WICR

While the proposed decision of the court after a bench trial in WICR v Arceneaux didn’t come out in financial favor for the Arceneaux’s, it did serve to bury Mark Marsch from ever again being thought of as credible when it comes to being a consultant or expert witness for WICR.

Mark Marsch’s use to David Mazor should be about over with the finding of him having “an implied bias in favor of Plaintiff”

It also taught me a lesson too, I won’t be working for anyone as a witness, even though my testimony was found credible, my bias towards WICR was found to be problematic to the Judge. Lesson is, work with clients in the background encouraging them to file complaints with CSLB. WICR clients reading this, don’t even waste time arguing with WICR, just file if you have problems. CSLB loves dealing with repeat offenders and metes out harsh penalties to them.

Anyway, back to Mark; he’s basically as good as done at WICR. While WICR’s attorney got the Judge to look at this website, the Judge probably also saw information about Mark Marsch that was troubling…his status as an owner of WICR and relationship with David Mazor. And the Judge also found that Marsch’s testimony that the deck was sloped was wrong.

Most damning of all; the Judge found Marsch to have an “implied bias in favor of the plaintiff” (WICR/Mazor). Below is a screen shot from the proposed judgement

Even more troubling for Marsch is that any attorney researching opponents expert witnesses will see this information and be able to question Marsch’s ethics and impartiality. Time to put poor Mark out to pasture as his usefulness is over to WICR.

Congratulations Dave, your pride and arrogance have destroyed Mark Marsch’s name!

WICR’s Sean Krubinski Sued For Causing Injuries to Other Driver in 2018 Accident

A lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court against Sean Krubinski and his wife Noel Davis in July of this year from an accident Krubinski allegedly caused in 2018. The suit asks for unspecified monetary damages to be proved at trial.

The suit alleges that Plaintiff Sarah Gile suffered personal injuries, medical expenses, property damage, wage loss and loss of earning capacity. Typically when a suit alleges loss of earning capacity, the person injured cannot return to work or to the job they performed before the accident.

The accident occurred in Diamond Bar where the plaintiff claims in her suit; “The defendant negligently drove his motor vehicle and collided with plaintiffs vehicle, causing plaintiffs injuries and damages.”

Interestingly Noel Davis is named as well as Does 1-50, which could be anything…but we wonder, was Sean in a WICR vehicle at the time of the crash? Was he intoxicated or high? Did Noel try to pretend she was driving instead of Sean? (probably not she already has a DUI on her record) These questions and more are being asked and we are waiting for answers.

Read the suit by clicking here

Meanwhile, this accident just adds to the lengthy record Krubinski has for driving offenses. Click the link above to see Seans list of driving offenses.

We’re hoping the plaintiff recovers and is healthy, and that Sean Krubinski loses his license, it seems he’s a real danger to other drivers on the road.

David Mazor Is An Idiot, Threatens A Witness In Court Case by Email

Update, WICR loses court case, judgement for defendants $9,000 + legal costs.  

decision 6 30 20I really start to wonder about people and their intelligence when they write threatening emails.

It’s one thing to be standing there one-on-one telling somebody you’re going to go to their employer and try to get them fired. It’s another thing when you put it down in writing especially when the person you’re threatening has just finished testifying against your company in a court of law.

David, You’re an idiot. Go cry about that… we’re going to see you in two weeks at court again with copies of this email and give them to the judge. Of course we’re going to file them first so the judge has time to read them before we get there. Yes that includes the email you sent me last October.

You really should talk to your wife, who is your lawyer who I am sure as a semi-competent attorney would tell you that you’re an idiot to write anything like this down.

— Forwarded Message —–From: “WICR INC” <>To: “” <>Sent: Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 6:16 AMSubject: FW: Your Theft of WICR property

Mr. Ortiz,

Thanks for confirming in court today, your theft of WICR documents and records.  As you know, you signed an agreement not to take any company property, therefore  please be advised, this email will serve as a demand that you return the stolen company documents immediately.

Also, thank you for confirming in court today that you lied in your unemployment hearing and that you were not fired from WICR almost 8 years ago, you quit.  Then you filed an unemployment claim which you lied and the Unemployment department stated you lied and were denied unemployment.  By the way, I did not share this information with Bill L out of respect to you and your family, however it is clear you have no respect.    

As you know, having Bill L, an admitted trouble maker, thief and liar,  write your affidavit (which you signed, and was NOT admitted in court) was not a very bright thing to do.  Bill L has now posted your document on Yelp and as you know, you signed the document and most of it has now been proven to be false, which means YOU slandered WICR.  I would urge you to have Mr. L immediately remove the document and not post slanderous comments online using your name unless of course you wish to lose anything and everything you work for.   

Moving forward, please refrain (DO NOT) from contacting any WICR employees or my family. 

In closing, please be informed that we have very close friends within Reno contracting and although I have not informed Reno of your actions, hatred, the phone calls you made threatening WICR employees and now your statement that you have WICR records that don’t belong to you, you can be assured, if we don’t get our records back and you don’t stop harassing me and WICR, I will send everything to Reno and let them decide how to respond with your employment.  But know, this does not mean you will be let off the hook for the slander that Bill L has just caused for you.   Such a good friend Bill L is when he could care less what happens to you in court and with your job! 

Jose, WICR does not bother you, in fact we leave you alone, therefore we expect the same courtesy from you, that is unless you would rather we start sending information to the guys who make your pay check?    

Jose, it’s been 8 years since you quite WICR, get on with your life, you don’t work for WICR and may not work for Reno once they see and read all the information.  More importantly, no matter what you think of me an WICR, Bill L is not your buddy, he will be the reason you lose your job with Reno. 

By all means, send Bill L this email, we want his response so that when we post all of his comments, he will feel the wrath of his own sword. 

You can send the box of documents to WICR offices in San Diego.  If you need the address, I am sure you can look on the internet…

Don’t bother emailing me back as I will simply block your emails.  Just send the documents you stole and do it soon, your job may depend upon it

David Mazor, President

WICR Inc. Waterproofing & Construction

Office: 888-388-9427

2017 WICR Logo-Transparent-EMAIL



Does This Filing by Lindborg & Drill Reveal Their Secret Fear of WICRLeaks?

In A David Vs Goliath Lawsuit, David is Getting The Better of Goliath

WICR Waterproofing’s Attorneys Filing Attacks WICRLeaks as “Vituperative”

Describe themselves as “good people”. Hysterical they’re just like Donald Trump with their victim complex.

A recent filing by WICR Waterproofing’s attorney in a case before the court in San Bernadino may reveal WICR’s deep seated fear of this website.

In WICR Waterproofing vs Arceneaux, the defendants informed WICR’s attorneys that I am their expert/consultant. The reply back from Lindborg & Drill is pretty revealing. They, as well as WICR’s David Mazor, know very well that if I testify or provide an affadavit, that my information could prove to be very damaging to WICR and David Mazor.

The 23 page filing includes the following from Lindborg & Drill

Lindborg drill scared of Bill
The fear is palpable from Lindborg & Drill. They do not want me to testify or supply and affadvait. Understandable, the truth will hurt them badly.

The reply to Lindborg and Drill about the allegations that they’re “being helped”.

defendants reply to drill scared of bill

Well Lindborg & Drill and David Mazor will see my affadavit soon enough, and without ruining the surprise, it will be devastating to them. Truth is a bitch Dave that loves seeing Karma get it’s way. The nerve of you describing yourselves as victims and”good people” is laughable. All you’ve ever done is fail upwards.

With an affadavit comes WICR’s chance to subpoena me, which is something else I’d welcome…first because it would be devastating to them and second because they’d have to pay me…wouldn’t I just love to publish a copy of a WICR or Lindborg check payable to William Leys here? You bet I would!