Caught and Exposed! The Grifters of WICR Waterproofing and construction and Lindborg & Mazor LLP- Their Grifts Explained

Grifter-defined as “a person who engaged in Petty or small scale swindling” by the Oxford Dictionary. Small scale may not apply here but the word Grifters certainly feels right…

As we continue looking into WICR, their key employees and business associates, we find that there’s just a whole host of apparent grifts occurring…

To let you know who is who and what their apparent grift did jour is, we complied this list…

First on our list-

Sean Krubinski – Sean has been a WICR employee for a long time, but now he’s starting to branch out. Sean’s apparent grift is setting up an LLC called SK Services Group which is listed at the CA Secretary of States business portal as offering “Consulting Services”. Should one choose to utilize SK Services for consulting work, be wary that you might get referred to WICR Waterproofing & Construction. Just keep in mind that Sean is an employee there and an is or was a partner with Fred Wanke in WICR Inc, a second entity listed at the SOS next to WICR Waterproofing. Sean also holds a contractors license…my opinion is that he has it as a back up in case WICR implodes; Sean could rapidly open up and start soliciting for WICR contracts and customers without much delay.

Next up is Steve Dolan of WICR. Steve is listed on LinkedIn as VP of WICR, but as he stated on “It Happened on the Job” a podcast, he was made an owner. There’s a SOS listing on WICR Inc that shows he and Sean Krubinski as officers…But back to Steve…the podcast is on YouTube and at 16:50 of the recording, Steve tells us what his grift is… SMD Enterprises, a “consulting firm” designed to work with companies for waterproofing and “I facilitate this with WICR…” and lo and behold he refers WICR to the job. Independent consultants don’t refer companies, they refer you to lists of companies and tell you to do your due diligence. But not Steve…for he and WICR, it’s a way into getting work that perhaps helps them remove competitors from consideration?

Also interesting is in the podcast he says WICR made him an owner…

All we can say is if SMD Enterprises refers you to WICR, you may want to steer clear. You may just want to steer clear of SMD Enterprises as it seems their ethics aren’t up to snuff in our opinion.

Next up on the Grifters list- Mark Marsch. Mark’s grift for WICR is acting as an “independent consultant” for them when there’s issues brought up about WICR’s work. Mark used to be on LinkedIn and his listing there showed him as “President of a Waterproofing Company” but never listed WICR. Why not? Because he would be shown as “implicity biased” in favor of WICR if anyone knew. Well the idiot should have known he’s permanently listed on the WICR license as formerly associated with them and anyone with half a brain would find that info out. Mark has taken down his LinkedIn profile and not much about him can be found on the web anymore as he was indeed found to be implicitly biased in a recent trial as he “previously” worked for head grifter David Mazor/David Krubinski. See our post about that case here. Market Mark, where did you go? Into hiding because you got wrecked by your own friend? Did you really think David would protect you? No, you are on the altar of sacrifice brother and the only question you need to ask yourself is “Is this the hill I want to die on?” You are expendable my friend. And that is not a good position to be in when the whip comes down.

Next up on the List of Grift are WICR’s attorneys; Peter Lindborgh and Irina Mazor. You need a lawyer if you’re gonna Grift right?

Irina is David Mazor’s wife, so she mostly stays in the background and Peter is the one out in the war zone so to speak…Peter shows up in court for the hearings. Irina and Peter are notorious for being combative and noxious individuals, trying to use their law firm to bring excessive pressure on anyone who might complain about WICR’s work. If you sue WICR, you’ll probably see these two. (as an aside, consumers should simply file a complaint with CSLB against WICR and let them handle WICR’s attorneys; CSLB is your best friend against WICR).

We found this suit against the law firm by an ex client… You might take this info under consideration before hiring them…

These two’s grift is using every delaying tactic (and perhaps outright lying?) to run up your legal costs and slow the process down to a halt practically. Irina did this in a case against Parex LaHabra some years ago.

Recently one of Peter’s attempted grifts was writing a letter to a company alleging (without providing a shred of evidence) that they were complicit in this website and I used their “accounts” to attack WICR, and if within 10 days this site isn’t down… yackety yack yack… and if you don’t send us $500,000 as damages, we’ll sue you.

Sorry Peter, This website stays up! Regardless of you or David’s sad groveling and self pitying bullshit.

Liberally borrowed from The Lincoln Project is our reply-“The level of indignant outrage David Mazor has shown towards for exposing his lengthy dubious grifts is comical. While we truly enjoy living rent free in Dave’s head, Lindborg and Mazor LLP’s empty threats will not be taken any more seriously than we take David. Please peddle your scare tactics elsewhere. will not be intimidated by such empty bluster.” Basically don’t tread on my first amendment rights.

I found from a old David Mazor-Krubinski fraud case letters and court documents about Irina; they paint a very unflattering view of her, as a professional attorney; see the gallery below.

Last but certainly not least, David Mazor AKA David Krubinski rounds out the list of grifters…I got this message from someone that knows Dave and WICR a while ago and had it tucked in a folder that I just recently opened and explored. So to open this conversation, here is the message…

It appears Dave’s had many grifts over the years, one we know about was the time he was President of Mesquite HOA in the Palm Springs area; somehow companies that could be traced back to him or his associates got the work on deck a and reconstruction, roofs and more. David Krubinski’s Associates Were Apparently Paid Over $400,000 In Construction Billings to HOA When Krubinski Was President including fellow suspected grifter Mark Marsch.

Another apparent grift is when Dave was a salesmen for Mer-Kote way back when, he was also a hidden owner of WICR with Fred Wanke. Fred bid federal jobs and David sold the materials…apparently without disclosing that to the government or apparently Mer-Kote.

David and Irina’s greatest attempted grift was to try to shake down Parex LaHabra from what court documents reveal. a claim for 108 million dollars. Dave sued Parex alleging fraud and Parex counterclaimed….after a year and After day one’s deposition of 3 days scheduled, David suddenly couldn’t do anymore….read the opposing attorney’s reply below from a court filing. He basically calls out David Mazor’s “Get Rich Quick Scheme” and says their investigation revealed plaintiffs for “who they really are.” In our opinion, Dave and Irina are pretty bad Grifters at the end of the day…

Do you know of any grifts I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments.

Exposing WICR Waterproofing & Constructions Business Practices

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