Mark Marsch holds himself up as an “independent consultant” under Mark Marsch Consulting LLC. Perhaps he is for many of his own clients, but for his number one client, WICR Waterproofing and Construction he, in our opinion, is not. It’s our opinion that Mark Marsch is squarely in the pocket of David Mazor/David Krubinski.

From various consultant groups I looked at on the web, they all have this common theme…”Avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance thereof and immediately disclose to the clients any circumstances that may influence the consultant’s judgment or objectivity.”

So to show that Marsch has conflicts of interest and/or the appearance thereof…because we caught him red handed and apparently lying under oath at a recent trial of WICR vs. Arceneaux. The plaintiff’s council subpoenaed yours truly to appear… And had Mark as an expert witness… I informed the Arceneaux’s of Mark’s history with WICR, they brought it up in court and bam! Mark ends his career being WICRs expert just like that.

So now the question is can Mark Marsch ever be believed again? Being penalized and upfront about relationships may get you removed as a witness, but after you’ve testified and been found by the Judge to have an implied bias…That’s probably an answer that will only come about when he has to testify under oath and an attorney for opposing counsel has found this post and asks him how he can be believed ever again? How does anyone in the jury ever believe his testimony as he may have an implied bias

Below, the final blow to Marsch’s credibility…

From WICR v Arceneaux, Marsch is found to have an implied bias in favor of Plaintiff WICR.

Recently I dug up this email from David that he sent in 2013 to me and as you can see he’s trying to tell me how ethical Mark Marsch is…

From 2013 David is telling me how ethical Mark Marsh is… Caught in another lie that’s all David does is lie through his teeth. That’s why I’m here, to call out his bullshit.

We’ve linked Marck Marsch to WICR, where Mark was “President and CEO” in 2004/05 and David Mazor/David Krubisnki was registering WICR Ficticious Business Names in Riverside County.

Here is David Mazor David Krubinski registering WICR as an FBN in Riverside County in 1997. He certainly knew Mark Marsch around these dates wouldn’t one think?

Mark Marsch and David Krubisnki were also partners in a venture called The Waterproofing Superstore in Flower Mound Texas just outside of Dallas.

Mark Marsch and David Mazor/David Krubisnki are also involved in an outfit called ICR Services, now under Davids name at the CSLB. However, Marsch lists his affiliation with ICR Services as current on his LinkedIn profile.

Mark Marsch’s LinkedIn profile. Note that it says part owner of a waterproofing company from 1999-2004, but interestingly enough doesn’t say who. This tells me Marsch knows he has an ethics issue and isn’t acting independently. Marsch’s LinkedIn profile now appears to have been deleted as of 8/19/2020.
David Krubinski, now known as David Mazor, owner of ICR Services , now under just David’s name on the CSLB website.

A recent affadavit sworn by an ex-WICR employee alleges that WICR uses Marsch to dupe clients into believing he is “independent and arbitrary,” but Marsh’s mission, in our opinion, is to cover up the dirt for David’s misdeeds. It takes years to build a reputation but just a second to destroy it. Why would Mark do this? To risk your reputation for what? A little money? You can’t buy a reputation

In Arceneux v WICR, Marsch’s testimony for WICR was deemed to be not as credible as mine was where I testified on behalf of the Arceneaux’s.

In another case, CSLB v DeckTech, Marsch’s testimony was deemed not as credible compared to the CSLB expert’s testimony.

Record evidence being written specifications, acceptable tolerances etc. Basically our opinion is Marsch lied on the stand under oath.

In our opinion, Mark Marsch is not credible, honorable or acting in the manner befitting an Independent consultant. Therefore, we would encourage any clients of WICR’s to not accept any report from Mark Marsch as believable, that it is tainted by an appearance of collusion in any matters regarding WICR.

Exposing WICR Waterproofing & Constructions Business Practices

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