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The case of David Mazor vs William Leys & Jose Ortiz in Los Angeles Superior Court (LASC Case # 20STCV47187); David Mazor filed suit against me, Bill Leys, in order to shut this website down. Why? For many reasons, but the biggest of all is the threat I represent to him by exposing the fraud and abuse WICR wreaks on consumers in Southern California.

Talk about hyperbole…sheesh. I have no intention of being in hell so I guess this means that David is planning on going there after his death? I dunno… And how am I going to send David to hell exactly? You’re a funny man Peter Lindborg.
It’s very interesting how their reply barely spends any time talking about my allegations… Because they know that my allegations are irrefutable. Even if they were true? I guess we’ll find out next Monday won’t we Peter?

Here is my reply to their reply

Today is a great day; I filed a response to David Mazor’s claim that I am in contempt of Court for the order that came as a result of a default against me. The order says to shut down this site, not “stalk” David and his cronies, not publish anything “negative” about them etc.

Unfortunately for David and his grifting attorneys, Irina Mazor and Peter Lindborg, David signed, under penalty of perjury, two Declarations that he swears are true…but it turns out that they aren’t. They contain at least three false statements, and apparently a forged email document. Mazor has a documented history of committing perjury, forging documents and being untruthful under oath on a witness stand. Who would want that information out there? Certainly not a lying POS like David mazor.

Well, after further investigation, I, William M Leys, found new evidence of Mazor’s lies under penalty of perjury.

1.) Mazor claimed in two of his sworn declarations that he lost a $50,000 contract because of . He submitted a copy of an email to “prove” that claim. Unfortunately due to the complete incompetence of Peter Lindborg, who failed to follow standard methods of retracting sensitive confidential client information, I was able to see the email address of the person who emailed Mazor, said email ending with something to the effect of being glad they dodged a bullet by not doing business with WICR. I emailed the person, who emailed me back and said no, WICRleaks didn’t influence his decision, it merely confirmed his suspicion that WICR was not a company to do business with.

This person wrote a Declaration on my behalf that states it was because of WICR’s contract, which offered no guarantees and protected only WICR, and the odd way David Mazor communicated, and that Davids story changed daily, which led him to decide not to business with WICR.

This Declaration completely contradicts Mazor’s assertion that WICRleaks cost him the $50,000 contract. If you know something not to be true and you say it is to benefit your position and gain advantage unfairly over someone…That’s perjury-and fraud.

Read the Declaration of Barry Witt here-

Here is David Mazor’s Declaration which falsely states WICRleaks caused him to lose a $50,000 contract and that he didn’t write a homophobic email to me.

Furthermore, I caught David Mazor lying under penalty of perjury again, in another Declaration he wrote swearing he didn’t write me an email filled with homophobic references. And apparently I’ve also caught David Mazor red handed producing a forged email that is scrubbed free of the homophobic oral sex references. The Declaration of Seven G Burgess of Burgess Forensics in San Luis Obispo states that Burgess examined my Yahoo email account, examined the email Mazor sent, including the metadata, and concludes that the meta data matches the email, along with the path back to WICR’s servers…AND Burgess also determined that I did in fact forward the homophobic email to Peter Lindborg, which means Lindborg had knowledge of the homophobic email and so did Irina Mazor. Which then means that they knew their client was committing perjury and producing a forged document to use against me…and as Officers of the Court, they have violated their duty to try to convince their client to remove the perjured comments and forged document, and did not do that…nor did they, as officers of the Court, perform their duty and inform the Court of the perjury and forged documents.

It’s a shame that David Mazor can’t stop himself from lying; after all, he got a default judgment. If he didn’t lie and perjure himself and forge documents, I never would have been able to contest the default…but liars can’t help themselves. A BIG BIG Thank you goes out to Peter Lindborg for his incompetence in improperly redacting his clients confidential information so that I could find the author of the email, who thoroughly destroys Davids lies, and thank you to Burgess Forensics Consulting for examining my email account and determining that David Mazor actually did email me a homophobic email.

See you lying pieces of shit on May 16th!

Here is my answer and reply to David Mazor accusing me of violating a Court Order that he gained by fraud upon the Court. The short answer is one can’t be in contempt of Court when your order was gained by fraud.

We’re Investigating- Has Your Association Received A “Re-Issued Balcony Inspection Report” From Deck Inspectors Inc.?

I recently received information from an anonymous source who told me that their association has received a reissued report under SB 326 for balcony inspections at his HOA. We understand that in correspondence from the association to it’s members that it says something to the effect that the report has been reissued with the signature of the architect who performed the inspections as the initial report was inadvertently signed by a different engineer.

What kind of competent engineer inadvertently signs a report that he shouldn’t have? Answer, none.

If you are like me you will find this very suspicious. I queried several engineers and other professionals who have to sign off on documents… And I asked is it possible for you to sign a report that you weren’t meant to sign? Answer was a resounding no because every one of them told me that before they sign anything that they haven’t written but have to sign off on that they read it thoroughly and ensure that it is a report that they can sign. Most said that they prefer to write their own document and sign their own document.

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Fan Mail

I love to get fan mail and hear from people regarding and how it’s helped save them from making a mistake. Today’s fan mail came from one of my industry peers who shall remain anonymous…

Ending his email with “Keep up the good fight!” our fan also wrote this “I’ve been reading your articles about the issues with WICR and Deck Inspectors Inc. and I applaud you for the effort to expose some of the misdoings that can prove quite disasterous to the unknowing.”

To which I say thank you sir for your email and your email confirms that I’m doing the right thing, shining a light into the dark holes of David Mazor’s greed and grift through Deck Inspectors Inc and WICR Waterproofing.

Board for Professional Engineers Opens Complaint Against Civil Engineer Raffi Akbarian For Signing a SB 326 Balcony Inspection Report

In order to sign a SB326 balcony inspection report one must be a licensed structural engineer or a licensed architect. These is the only two disciplines allowed to sign off on balconies under SB 326.

I already reported earlier that David Mazor of Deck Inspectors Inc is the owner of the company for whom Mr Abkarian signed a report. Mazor has a history of lying under oath, using friends to cover his ass and other generally unpleasant activities bordering on fraud. It is our hope here at WICR leaks that this investigation ensnares David and results in discipline against his licenses through CSLB.

A copy of the letter I received today. I will be sending the information about David and his licenses with CSLB.

If you have had an SB326 inspection by deck inspectors WICR please check who has signed the report if it is Mr Abkarian you should immediately file a complaint with the Board for Professional Engineers as well. You should also report this fraud to your local district attorney for investigation.

I Know. Raffi Is In Trouble and So Is David Mazor of Deck Inspector Inc

Raffi Abkarian is a civil engineer. Not a structural engineer. David Mazor knows the law, he writes about it on his website, yet here he is, cheating again.

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