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We’re receiving pics of David Krubinski at his home at 1146 La Canada Blvd in La Canada, with WICR employees working on the property.


WICR employees in front of Irina & Davey Mazor’s house with banner thanking them for the pool work they did…

Krubinski, aka Davey Mazor, denies he owns WICR, and so does his attorney/wife Irina Mazor.

Sources tell us he has WICR employees work on his house and pays them under the table with funds from his company’s checking account under ICR Services.

These pics show that WICR employees are clearly on his and Irina’s property working.

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ICR-Services’ lame website was removed this last week after CSLB got on them about failing to include their license number on the site. A license number must appear in any form of advertising. sent in a complaint that the website was not in compliance with CSLB/civil code several weeks ago. Below are a couple screen shots of the old site before being removed and what you’ll find now if you go to

Their excuse was that the website wasn’t used anymore…and that they didn’t contract for any work. But excuses don’t fly with CSLB and they were issued a warning letter. Rules are rules dontcha know?

In other bits of news Irina Drill was utilized to reply to CSLB’s inquiry. Glad she’s earning her keep for ya Dave, looks like that was a good investment getting divorced and strategically marrying your companies lawyer. What’s a letter cost to write?, $300-400? Subtract that out of the 3 million dollar settlement you allegedly paid to Carol and you are well on your way to recouping that money in no time…

As I was writing,  I was listening to NIN and this song came on and it made me think it was written with Krubinski in mind…

Not So Pretty Now -Nine Inch Nails

A great big superstar
Is what you think you are
We love you anyhow
But you’re not so pretty now
Better turn the lights down low
The cracks begin to show
We all love you anyhow
But you’re not so pretty now
Well soon you will be gone
And we will all move on
You never mattered anyhow
And you’re not so pretty now

ICR Services website is gone as of 10 27 14

ICR Services website is gone as of 10 27 14

Screen shot of website before removal

Screen shot of website before removal

Who-is confirms Krubinski owns the site

Who-is confirms Krubinski owns the site